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One million children pray rosary for peace!


“Children are far more open to the rosary than a lot of adults. When the rosary is prayed correctly and under proper guidance, it reveals a view of the Virgin Mary, one that grows more intimate the longer you pray the rosary.”

Chaldean Patriarch has high hopes for Kurdistan parliamentary elections


‘We need further help to rebuild the [Christian] villages in the Nineveh Plains, destroyed by ISIS. We need that the government grows and improves its services. Finally, we want to put an end to corruption [and the activities of] militia.”

In Cuba, a family finds new life, fulfilment in the Church


“At that time, all I had was my family, my farm and my hogs, and I was fine with that. But deep inside, there was an empty space that only the love of God could fill.”

Suspected Fulani Islamists kidnap missionary in Niger


“It was in Mali of course that the Colombian Sister Gloria Cecilia Narvaez Argoti was abducted in February 2017; she is still being held prisoner today. And so we are fearful that the abduction of Padre Pierluigi could likewise drag on for a long time,” the missionary said.

A Christian processino in Faisalabad, Pakistan

Pakistan Christian is thrown off roof for refusing to embrace Islam


“In Pakistan, it is difficult to receive justice if you are a member of a religious minority. Many members of minority groups are not even aware that they have the same rights as Muslims.”

Syrian prelate denounces plan ‘to oust Christians from the region’


“They do not want us to instruct pupils in the liturgical language, Syriac, and they do not want us to teach history because they prefer to drum their own history into the heads of pupils.”

In Venezuela, the march toward a totalitarian state continues


“These measures are aimed at realizing the socialist project and imposing the communist model, cost what it may, even in terms of the suffering of the people.”

For Syria’s youth, education holds key to a brighter future


“During the war, we lived in difficult circumstances, especially as students. We studied by candlelight sometimes, not to mention the sounds of the explosions that were increasing our stress.”

In Central African Republic, Church works to heal wounded nation


“Religion is no more than a pretext in this case. It is above all a political, economic and geo-strategic conflict.”

An Iraqi Christian family is home again on the Nineveh Plains


“It is my wish to remain in this land, despite all the difficult circumstances and disadvantages we have to deal with. I pray to God to realize this dream and to preserve my family, protect us and keep us safe.”

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