The Voice of the suffering and persecuted​

Aid to the Church in Need helps Christians and other vulnerable minorities in the Middle East who are confronted with Islamic extremism

In Iraq, a baby boy is saved from certain death


The elders of her tribe made the decision to kill the child as soon as it was born. To their way of thinking, it was impossible to leave alive a child whose father is an ISIS militant

In Russia, Catholics and Orthodox Christians are working together


“We are greatly encouraged by the Russian Orthodox and Catholic churches cooperation, particularly on social projects and protecting the right to family and life.”

DRC security forces are accused of killings in more than 130 attacks on Catholic churches


“There was a Mass at Kinshasa Cathedral to memorialize at least four people killed on Dec. 31 [2017]. After this Mass, the army and police again fired tear gas and two people were injured.”

In Cairo, blood flows again at Coptic church


“Despite the pain inside my heart—I miss my mother desperately—I am happy because she is a martyr and I don’t feel afraid of the terrorists anymore. “

In the Middle East Christians remain under siege, with ACN helping the Church in Syria survive, physically and spiritually

Syrian bishop avoids certain death, as bomb hits his bedroom


“Providence watches over his little servant, but now I am exiled like 12 million Syrian refugees who have nothing left.”

In the Philippines, a bishop finds his cathedral destroyed, but keeps hope


The bishop expressed his determination that his priority, rather than the rebuilding of the cathedral, was to ensure the return of the Christian population that had fled the fighting.

Pope Francis goes to Chile as a messenger of peace for society as a whole


“For a country that has been painfully hit by the legalization of abortion, the papal visit brings renewed hope to the lives of Christians.”

First Christmas Mass in Mosul since 2014—Muslims lend a hand


“The efforts of the Churches to recreate a stable and peaceful environment for the local population have borne further fruit.”

ACN reports on the life of the suffering Church around the world, helps the Church in DRC stand up against the government in protest

Democratic Republic of the Congo: ‘Church in firing line’


“The Church is certainly the most credible institution in the country and consequently finds herself in the line of fire. But it is necessary, because no one else dares to protest.”

Catholic minority in Bosnia Herzegovina suffers heavy discrimination


“There is reason to be seriously concerned for the future. If there were no more Croats left there, then there would also be no more Catholics.”

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