The Suffering Church

In Madagascar, ‘they are paying women to wear the burka’


“We have learned that in the universities the young, non-Muslim female students are being paid three Euros a day to wear the burka, the Muslim veil.”

ACN: 30 years of collaboration with the bishop of Novosibirsk, Russia


“There was a parish in Novosibirsk, a single parish for the entire city, a metropolis of almost 1.5 million residents.”

Burkina Faso priest: ‘The world doesn’t seem to have understood that our country runs the risk of disappearing’


“Sadly, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to have understood that our country runs the risk of disappearing if we do not all unite against the terrorists, in prayer, unity and solidarity.”

Christians in Syria continue to face brutal circumstances


“It’s horrible, people can no longer buy anything to eat. Some people survive on bread and water. I would like to ask people to join us to pray for these people who are in such a situation.”

Newly released from jail, 40 Christians in Pakistan find help rebuilding their lives


There was widespread criticism of police behavior leading up to the men’s arrests. Church leaders claimed police had gone “house to house aiming to arrest as many Christians as possible,” while investigating the lynching of the two Muslim men.

In Cuba, ’communist ideology has fundamentally changed society’


“Besides the economic issues, I believe that Cuba’s primary problem is the collapse of the family. The father figure has ceased to exist.”

In northern Iraq, ravaged Christian village comes back to life


“Even if the situation is not very clear, we see the importance of a sign of hope. ACN is determined to help the Christians to stay. Our task is to stand by the people who would like to come back.”

Bishops lead peaceful protest against ‘high level of insecurity’ in Nigeria


“We are tired of hearing … has been ‘technically defeated,’ even when they still attack with impunity … The failure to protect innocent people from relentless attacks is evil. The lack of prosecution of terrorists is evil.”

In France seeking asylum, Asia Bibi meets the public at last


She becomes more animated, and her previously quiet voice becomes more confident and assured: “Throughout my imprisonment I held the hand of Christ. It is thanks to him that I managed to stay strong. So don’t be afraid!”

In Africa’s Sahel, ‘places where Christians and Muslims live alongside one another are next target’ for Islamist terror


“The terrorists’ next target will be the places where Christians and Muslims live alongside one another. In Burkina Faso and in Nigeria the equilibrium that has existed hitherto is now under threat. In the next five years, these African states will continue to need the support of the West if they are to avoid catastrophe.”

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