The Suffering Church

Pakistani Catholics volunteer to protect churches against terrorist attacks


“Everybody is afraid of the terrorists. But we stand for the One who protects us all. Our faith tells us that God won’t let us down. Therefore, we perform our duties with complete passion and avoid negative thinking.”

In northern Mozambique, ‘they are shooting everywhere’


“When these attacks take place, the people flee into the mountains, and so it is difficult to communicate with them on account of the weak phone signal, plus batteries on their mobile phones have run out,”

Suicide bombers strike at cathedral in Indonesia


“The suicide bombing is not only the concern of Catholics but also the concern of all the entire nation and the Indonesian state.”

In Myanmar, cardinal urges protestors not to turn to violence


“All faith traditions adhere to non-violence because all violence is intrinsically evil. Violence brings greater violence. I unconditionally condemn ail acts of violence against unarmed civilians.”

Papal visit to Iraq’s largest Catholic town boosts hopes that Christians will return


“For Christians here, as well as those living as refugees in Europe and America, this visit gives them hope. With the Pope’s visit, we feel that we are not alone. We feel that we are safe because someone cares about us.”

2021 Religious Freedom in the World Report due out April 20


In those countries where religious freedom is guaranteed the foundations are laid for a truly human coexistence, as called for by Pope Francis

ACN has stood by Syrian Christians during ten years of civil war


One of the most important projects supported by the organization since 2017 is the “A Drop of Milk” campaign in Aleppo. It distributes powdered milk to more than 3,000 children from Christian families who are in need or have been displaced by the war.

Terror, COVID-19, cholera: northern Mozambique is bleeding from many wounds


“The Church in Mozambique is an anchor of hope and charity in a sea of suffering and violence.”

Survey shows American Catholics’ growing concern about global persecution of Christians


“It is heartening that, compared to a year ago, significantly more US Catholics say that Christian persecution around the world is very grave and that the issue has become a matter of concern to more faithful.”

In Pakistan, the road is paved with faith and glory


“Our parents have taught us to be silent when it comes to discourse of religion. Poor Christians cannot face mobs or expensive and lengthy court cases. Our police and lawyers are known for siding with the rich and minting money.”

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