The Suffering Church

As COVID-19 strikes Zimbabwe hard again, ACN supports Church responders


These are the Church front-liners who interact with each other and with the communities they serve, which makes them highlyvulnerable to the deadly virus.

The death of India’s Father Stan Swamy: ‘his fate should be a wake-up call for the international community’


The Indian authorities accused him of having contacts with Maoist and militant groups, which the Jesuit always denied.

Jihadists attack Christians in Niger


The area has become one of the hotspots for militant jihadism in Africa.

ACN-sponsored short film on young faithful’s plight in Nicaragua wins award


his testimony helped me appreciate the efforts of every young person who chose to remain faithful to the Gospel message without fear of the consequences.”

The Holy Family Nursery brings joy, hope to Christian community in Iraq


“The nursery is vital to the children … they can develop by interacting together and working together with one another.”

Mozambique: catechist risks his life to save a parish ‘treasure’ during terrorist attack


Paulo decided to return despite the risks. He didn’t know what to expect, he didn’t know whom he might meet on the road.

Damage in Maronite cathedral in Beirut (Maronite Church photo)

Pope meets with Lebanon’s bishops as the Middle East’s largest Christian community is in peril


“Christians are experiencing tough times, doubt, and confusion after the pandemic, the economic crisis, and on top of all these, the explosion.”

Program helps Christian women in Pakistan facing discrimination, social exclusion, and poverty


“My classmates subjected me to constant discrimination and prejudice towards me and my family on account of our religion.”

Middle East: ‘peace comes directly out of the heart of Jesus’


“The patriarchs believe that peace not only arises through or from Jesus, but that it flows directly out of His heart.”

Christians in Egypt: much light, but lingering shadows


“We are not asking for much and we are being realistic. Unfortunately, there are still many people who consider Christians to be second-class citizens.”

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