The Suffering Church

Archbishop Semaan says Mass in Qaraqosh

Iraqi Church welcomes 2021 papal visit


“The Pope’s decision to visit is a sign of the Holy Spirit at work.”

Jad holds Nabil

In Lebanon, Nabil is a Christmas miracle baby


“For being close to Christ means shouldering his cross. My son has lived that reality since the 15th minute of his life.”

Sonia Bubi (ACN-Sajid Christopher

Pakistan: Christian woman murdered for refusing to convert and marry


“Sonia’s killing demonstrates the mortal danger girls and young women—especially those from Christian and other minority backgrounds—face in situations where they are under pressure to marry and abandon their faith.”

Father Pierluigi Maccalli © Societé des Missions Africanes (SMA)

Captive in the desert: the blessing of the great silence


“I suffered. But the great silence was also a blessing. You find yourself experiencing an inner journey that takes you far and deep.”

Miara Shahbaz

New report puts spotlight on Christians ‘unjustly detained’


“Set Your Captives Free” gives them the chance to tell their stories, call for justice, and appeal for liberty.

Still from CRTN production on Iraq

Advent Calendar 2020: 24 days of waiting, 24 stories of faith


Stories of heroism, dedication and suffering of the faithful in countries like Israel, Venezuela, Pakistan, Nicaragua, India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Egypt, Indonesia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Prince Dr. Asfa Wossen Asserate (© Asfa-Wossen-Asserate

Ethiopia: ‘we can live in peaceful coexistence’


“It is imperative that this apartheid constitution is replaced by a new one, which finally will turn Ethiopia into the country that most Ethiopians have wanted for at least 50 years: a democratic federalist state.”

Refugees in a camp in Pemba

Mozambique: ‘war has only losers, but those who suffer most are the poorest’


“We cannot be indifferent to the suffering, the pain, the death of so many of our brothers and sisters.”

A Marian procession in Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina: bishops condemn corruption and mistreatment of Catholics


it would have been the duty of “native and foreign officials” to create a general “political, legal and material” framework that would have made it possible for the Catholic minority to remain in the country, but this did not happen.

Mass in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the time of the pandemic, Mass stipends fill a special need


“Mass stipends were of great use for me to continue with my daily life. Once again I thank you for your generosity in helping our diocesan priests and I hope you will continue to do the same in the near future.”

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