Mass Stipends

My priests and I cannot thank you enough for your great generosity, and so we ask God to bless you and reward you for this wonderful gift, which will be shared out equally among all our priests.” Bishop Paul Mea of Kiribati

For priests in many parts of the world, Mass stipends are the sole source of income.  When you submit a Mass Offering, you are supporting a priest in need in one of the more than 140 countries in which we work, while at the same time, a Mass is being celebrated for your special intentions.  Thank you for your support!

Mass Stipends for 70 Priests of a Diocese in Madagascar

Having a Holy Mass celebrated for a particular intention is a long and venerable tradition. The gift, or “stipend,” given to the priest by the person concerned is in no sense a “payment” but rather a gesture of love and gratitude and also of financial support for the individual priest who in the words of …

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Provide Mass Stipends for Jesuit Priests in Mexico