Support Sisters Caring for the Poor and Elderly in Peru and Bolivia

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The Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Helpless Elderly was founded in Spain in 1873 to help poor, helpless and abandoned elderly people who had no one else to care for them. Today the congregation has no fewer than 204 houses in 19 different countries, on four continents. Most of these are in Central and South America, but the Sisters are also active in the Philippines, in Mozambique and in Europe.Support Sisters Caring for the Poor and Elderly in Peru and Bolivia

In Peru and Bolivia, there are 230 Sisters of the congregation who care for over 2,000 elderly people, especially in the larger cities where the traditional family structures have collapsed and older people can rapidly become isolated and helpless. It is the Sisters’ charism to focus on the whole person, and while it is of course important to wash and feed and materially support these old people, it is equally important to show them human warmth and support in their spiritual and psychological needs. This, too, is part of the Sisters’ apostolate, which is so ably summed up by their foundress, St. Teresa Jornet as “caring for the body, so as to save the soul.”

We are planning to give a contribution of $7,700 to support the Sisters of the congregation in Peru and Bolivia in their life and apostolate.

Will you give to support these religious Sisters as they care for the poor and elderly in Peru and Bolivia? We are sure they will gratefully remember you in their prayers.

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