Provide Housing to Accommodate Carmelite Sisters in the Philippines

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The Carmelites in Tambacan, Philippines, have good reason to rejoice. Their convent, dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is blessed with many vocations. Of the 33 nuns there at present, 21 are young Sisters still in formation. Another three young women are still waiting to be able to enter the convent.Provide Housing to Accommodate Carmelite Sisters in the Philippines

This great gift and grace also poses a challenge. The convent is becoming too cramped. Now they face a dilemma: according to the Rule of the Carmelite Order, each Sister should have her own cell. But establishing a new convent in another place with some of the Sisters would not only be too expensive but, given the number of young Sisters still undergoing their training, difficult to realize in practice. At the same time, turning away potential vocations is not a satisfactory solution either.

Since a number of the elderly Sisters have now grown sick and frail and in many cases have difficulty climbing the stairs, the congregation has come up with a solution that resolves both problems at the same time. They would like to build on an extra wing, where the frail and elderly Sisters can be housed. In this way they would no longer have to climb the stairs and could also be more easily cared for. At the same time they would then be freeing up more of the existing cells for the younger Sisters. As a result, everyone would benefit.

The Sisters live an enclosed, contemplative life in a spirit of poverty and have few resources, so they have turned to ACN for help.

We were happy to promise a contribute $21,300. Will you help us fulfill this promise to these provide housing to accommodate frail and elderly Carmelite Sisters in the Philippines?

We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

Code: 329-06-19

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