“Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”


Renovation of a House for a Priest in Senegal

In Senegal, Christians are a small minority – some 5% out of a total population of 15.6 million. Over 90% of the population is Muslim, while another 5% belong to traditional African religions.

One large parish is the Parish of St. Charles Lwanga, based in Pandiènou, in the town of Pambal, in the west of the country, to the northeast of the capital Dakar. The parish covers an expansive area with numerous small towns and villages, and as a result it has been divided up into sectors. Since 2017, Abbé Gabriel Pathé Faye has been responsible for the District of Yendane, which includes several large villages and also the town of Tivaouane. There are close to 3,000 Catholics living in the area, representing about 2% of the local population.

There is a growing attempt among some sections of the Muslim population to proselytize among Christians and persuade them to convert to Islam. Hence it is clear to Abbé Gabriel that he must help his Catholic faithful to remain firm in their faith. To do this, he needs a home to be close to the people, so that he can minister to them and accompany them more intensively. It will also allow him to be more involved in educated the children, so that they can be firmly grounded in their faith for the future.

Father Gabriel does not have a permanent residence within his pastoral sector, and cannot minister to then as effectively as he would like to do. Yet, as he himself write to us, “Despite all the difficulties, the faithful are still optimistic about the future. They do not feel alone, as though they were a small, abandoned flock, but instead they are looking to the support of partners such as you, for the glory of God.”

We would like to help him, with $11,200, so that he can renovate a small house in the area and so be able to love more fully amongst his people.

Will you help Father Gabriel establish himself in a small house so that he can be with his people in Senegal? We are sure he will remember you in his grateful prayers.

Code: 146-01-19

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