Repair a Damaged Boat for the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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With an area of over 24,000 square miles, the Diocese of Lisala is one of the oldest and largest dioceses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And since the Congo River and its many tributaries cross through the area, the waterways are absolutely vital to the life of the Church.

The Magnificat, the diocesan river boat, made pastoral outreach possible, but it was severely damaged in September of 2018, while traveling downriver mid-storm. Fortunately, all people on the Magnificat were safely evacuated, but the boat itself almost sank.

Repair a Damaged Boat for the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Initially, priests and volunteers attempted to repair the boat, but it soon became clear that the process was more complicated than they’d thought. Two motors were defunct, and the boat’s collision with a large tree created a gaping hole in its side. They require professional expertise and materials.

The diocese has turned to us for financial aid, and we have promised them $9,900.

Will you help repair the Magnificat so that the faithful of the Congo are served?

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