Retreats for Fifty-Five Priests in Pakistan

All Catholic priests face challenges, but in Pakistan, their work is particularly difficult. Frequently, they have vast areas to minister while living amid constant social tension. Most have been victims of threatening letters and calls, and the danger of extremist attacks is real and ever-present.

Retreats for Fifty-Five Priests in Pakistan

Ordinary Catholic faithful are likewise exposed to constant discrimination and hostility. Most Christians in the country are poor and defenseless, consigned to the bottom rung of society. They look to their priests not just for spiritual help but for general advice and assistance. 

This year, the coronavirus has made life even harder for the priests. Initially, the Diocese of Faisalabad was hard-hit by the virus, but now it is possible for priests to go ahead with their annual retreat this November. These retreats are an opportunity for them to renew their sense of vocation and gain new strength for their mission in Pakistan.

The retreats also offer priests the chance to share their problems and ideas and enjoy fraternal solidarity. These meetings are a great source of strength for both the priests and the Catholic faithful in their care.

But they do involve various expenses, including travel, board and lodging, and study materials. ACN is planning to help with a grant of $5,900 – roughly $106 for each participant – so that the priests of the diocese can draw the strength they need from the retreats. 

Will you help the priests of Pakistan to renew and rededicate themselves by attending this spiritual retreat?

We are sure they will remember you in their prayers.

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