Stewards of Faith Relief Fund

Supporting Christians in need in the Middle East

Through the Stewards of Faith Relief Fund, ACNUSA was able to provide funds of more than $10M in support of the embattled Christian communities in Iraq and Syria. ACNUSA does not receive or solicit government funds, but relies solely on the generous support of individuals and foundations.

Though much has been done, help is still needed in this devastated region.  Can you support any of these priority programs so that our suffering brothers and sisters might regain the hope and faith extremists attempted to rob them of?

For additional project information, including funding details, please contact Edward Clancy at

Erbil, Iraq food distribution with Archbishop Warda

Priority #1: Provide basic emergency aid

Provide basic food, medical care and shelter for one year, helping Christian families make ends meet while they transition from dependence to self-sufficiency.

Priority #2: Rehabilitate houses for safe dwelling

Renovate 13,000 houses on the Nineveh Plains in Iraq, enabling displaced Christians from the Nineveh Plains, Aleppo and Homs, Syria to reclaim their homes and raise their families in safety.

Priority #3: Rebuild community-building institutions

Repair and rebuild faith-based community-building institutions, such as churches, convents, rectories and multi-purpose halls to facilitate and maintain the spiritual, social, and cultural recovery of local communities.

Priority #4: Guarantee Christian leadership for future generations

Prepare future community leaders through higher education scholarships to empower a group of young adults willing to stay in their countries and gain expertise in various trades.  This will include scholarships for 4,000 young people in Syria and the support of the Catholic University of Erbil in Iraq.

Christian family on the Nineveh Plains

Priority #5: Strengthen Social Services

Offer community outreach services that will support and strengthen families – especially children and the elderly – in regaining mental and emotional stability in the aftermath of serious trauma (war, terror, and displacement).

Priority #6: Create Employment Opportunities

Accelerate economic growth through small business grants. Create economic and social stability by combating poverty — motivating people to remain in their countries and allowing heads of households to support and maintain their families and rediscover the dignity of work.


Yes, I would like to become a Steward of Faith

“In the name of God and on behalf of countless of our brothers and sisters,
who have experienced the consolation of your love, I thank you!”
Father Werenfried van Straaten,
Founder, Aid to the Church in Need