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Christian Families Survive in Syria

Beneficiary: John Doe
Date: 2022-08-04
Age: 89 years old
Family Members: 3
Skills & Experience:

2 Ene year of experience in the nail beauty profession in addition to having a private course at Almaamoun institute.

John and his family had a quiet, peaceful life in their home in the city of Sednaya.

Unfortunately, this situation changed completely two years ago as Jana’s father passed away from a heart attack, after that the family began a journey of pain and misery.

Before their tears dried, they were asked to leave their home because it was given to the father as a work benefit, so they were left without shelter or support. They moved to the city of Damascus, hoping to find job better work opportunities, and rented a small house in Jaramana, all family members began working together to secure the daily food and their basic needs.

Jana’s mother started to do cleaning work, but it was very hard for her as it affected her health and damaged her back, so she had to undergo several surgeries and stay at home.

Despite her young age, Jana decided to help her family with the household expenses, so she worked in several jobs then started to learn the profession of nails care and gained good experience in this field, but the lack of money prevented her from buying the necessary materials and improve her work.

Through the Micro-project program, Jana was supported with the necessary tools to work and save money so she could be able to support her mother and siblings in improving their livelihood conditions.

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