Support 16 Contemplative Sisters in Peru

Peru is the third largest country in South America, with a mostly indigenous population of 32 million and a topography that includes the Andes mountains and the Amazon rainforest.

Peru has been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The country responded early, with a range of restrictions, but one year later, there are 1.7 million infections and more than 57,000 deaths registered. And the virus has further exacerbated the country’s economic crisis and social tensions. There is grinding poverty in rural areas, and many people are now migrating to the cities, where problems of drug addiction and broken families already abound. 


The Apostolic Prelature of Ayaviti lies in southern Peru and covers an area of over 12,500 square miles. Close to 300,000 people live here, and parts of its territory are among the poorest and most neglected regions of the country. 

And while 85 percent of the population identify as Catholic, many feel alienated from the Church, partly because there are too few priests to minister to them. There are only 20 priests for 21 parishes, and the prelature also lacks catechists and religious Sisters. As a result, the people know little about their faith.

The region’s former bishop, now Emeritus Bishop Kay Martin Schmalhausen, who retired in April of this year, does see signs of hope. The contemplative Sisters of the Trinitarian order have been established in the prelature since 2011, and since then, their numbers have grown from 4 to 16 Sisters.

The Sisters lead an enclosed life and devote themselves to prayer, through which they support the work of the parish. As the bishop writes, “We see with joy that vocations to the enclosed life are on the rise and bringing increased blessings with them.“ 

And as he has done in the past, the bishop has asked us to support these Sisters in their life and apostolate. We were only too happy to promise him $5,300. 

Will you join us in supporting these 16 contemplative Sisters in Peru? 

We are sure they will remember you in their prayers.

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