Support for 12 Elderly and Infirm Religious Sisters in Brazil

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At age 88, Sister Halina has surely earned the right to more rest after a long life of daily service on behalf of the poor, but she continues to work, tirelessly visiting the sick and sewing quilts and pillowcases for newborn babies. And her equally elderly fellow Sisters also continue their service – listening to and counseling those who come to them for advice, helping children with their homework and comforting the sick and needy. Some of them even continue to instruct and give talks.

The Sisters are delighted to see that there are many young women who also wish to join their congregation. At the same time, seven of their elderly Sisters are already in need of constant care, while another five are very advanced in age.

Since the congregation has very limited sources of income, we help every year for the most elderly and infirm, with a contribution to the cost of their care and support. This year we are giving $5,300.

Will you give to support these hard-working, committed elderly Sisters in Brazil? We are sure they will gratefully remember you in their prayers.

Code: 212-05-39

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