Support for the Formation of 50 Romanian Seminarians

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Support for 50 Seminarians in RomaniaThe Greek-Catholic Diocese of Oradea rejoices at the high number of new seminarians. Partly responsible for the increase they’ve seen is the diocese’s active family apostolate. Families who participate in the Church are more likely to inspire a religious vocation.

In 2017, Oradea’s seminary celebrated its 225th anniversary. Its work was brutally interrupted by Communist persecution, and its resumption in 1993 was not without complication. Since then, ACN has offered the seminary financial assistance, but even now, our help is urgently needed. The diocese is too poor to support its seminarians alone.

Father Anton Cioba, who oversees seminarian development, wrote to ACN: “Without help from abroad, we could not fulfill our mission,” he says. “We continue to depend on your support, and we thank you with all our hearts for the help you have given us in the past. In doing so, you are helping us to experience the universality of the Catholic Church. May God bless you and all our kind benefactors.”

We will continue to help Father Cioba and his people, this time with $36,300 for the formation of 54 seminarians. Will you join us?

We are sure they will remember you in their prayers.

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