Support for Family Pastoral Ministry in Romania

Categories: Aid for Religious, Hope in Action

For several years, the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Oradea has maintained a dynamic family pastoral ministry. These efforts have already borne positive fruit: there are more vocations to the priesthood, young people are more active in Church life and want to prepare themselves better for the sacrament of marriage, and families are having more children.

The families are of great assistance to the priests in proclaiming the gospel, but it is important that the lay people who work in the parishes receive proper training. Otherwise, people can quickly become demoralized and the families stop being actively involved. Special programs have therefore been set up for families who want to play a more active role in parish life. 

Four continuing education programs will be held this year, and they will be attended by between 90 and 400 people. Many families do not have the money to pay for the costs of the trip and accommodations and for the instructional materials, however. The average monthly salary in Romania is only $300, which means that families with several children are hard pressed financially. This should not prevent them from taking part in the program, and that is why Bishop Virgil Bercea has asked for our help and we have committed to donating $11,900.

Will you help us make good on this promise to support family pastoral ministry in Romania?

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