Support Seminarians in the Amazon Region of Peru

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The Apostolic Vicariate of Yurimaguas in the east of Peru is mostly in the Amazon rain forest, in an area that is home to various different indigenous Indian groups.

The 224,000 or so Catholics in this region live scattered over an area greater than many small European countries. There are just 25 priests to care for them, and these priest all face long, difficult and dangerous journeys as part of their mission.

Given these conditions, one of the greatest needs of the vicariate is for more priests to help in the task of ministering to the Catholic faithful, bringing them the sacraments and caring for them pastorally. The vicariate has established a vocations apostolate to meet local needs, and it is already bearing fruit. Currently 19 young men are preparing for ordination. Seven of them are still in their two preparatory years at the Propedutic Seminary of Yurimaguas, while the remaining 12 are already studying at the seminary in the Diocese of Callao, near the capital, Lima.

In years gone by it was heroic European missionaries who braved all the adversities of the region and proclaimed the Good News of the Gospel here. Today their numbers have dwindled and the new, home-grown vocations are coming from the Peruvian people in the parishes they once founded. Being born and brought up in the region, these young men are ideally suited, physically, linguistically and culturally, to working in these climatic conditions among the indigenous peoples of the rain forest.

We are only too happy to support these 19 young men on their path to the priesthood and have promised $6,600 towards the cost of their training.

Will you help us fulfill our promise to support these seminarians in the Amazon region of Peru?

We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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