Support Six Religious Sisters in Poor Parishes in Bolivia

Religious sisters travel where priests can rarely visit. In the poorest and most inaccessible regions, the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Word and Victim minister to people in their poverty and abandonment, bringing them hope. The congregation, which was founded in Peru in 1961, is active today in seven Latin American countries, including Bolivia. Support Six Religious Sisters in Poor Parishes in Bolivia

Six of the Sisters live and work in Bolivia’s Archdiocese of Sucre, near the Andes. Immediately recognizable by their blue habits, they come from Argentina and Peru. The mountain trails are long and difficult, there are poisonous snakes, and the Sisters have to negotiate steep and rocky slopes and sometimes even wade through streams that have turned into rushing torrents as a result of the heavy rainfall. 

Even before this, the Sisters have first had to learn the local Quechua language, which is widely spoken by the indigenous population. “That was hard!” recalls Sister Maria Augusta, who has now been working as a missionary for 37 years. 

She tells us about her work. “We sometimes travel for 12 to 14 hours on mules or on two wheels, to visit our people, who are hungry for God. By the time we arrive, we are exhausted, but recollected in spirit. The people of Bolivia are waiting for their ‘shepherdesses,’” she tells us. 

The Sisters pray with the people, tend to the sick and comfort the dying in their last moments, bring the people Holy Communion, baptize the children, conduct funerals and liturgies of the Word and give catechetical instruction. They draw strength for their tireless service in these immensely difficult conditions from their contemplative life prayer. At the same time, they also bring the people real practical help in their concrete cares and needs of everyday life. Since there are no doctors available, the Sisters provide whatever medical care and advice they are able to.

The Sisters themselves receive nothing for their ministry of loving service and are completely dependent on outside help. We are proposing to support them in their modest lifestyle with a contribution of $4,300 for the coming year. 

Would you like to help these religious Sisters serving the poor in Bolivia? 

We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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