Support the Pastoral Work of Comboni Missionary Sisters in Ethiopia

Benishangul-Gumuz is a poor and underdeveloped region in northwest Ethiopia, on the border with Sudan. Home to the ethnic groups the Gumuz and the Agaw, most of the local people still follow traditional pagan African religions and their lives are overshadowed by various superstitions. The Gumuz people believe that the blood of a woman in childbirth will bring a curse upon them, so every pregnant woman must leave her village, go to an isolated spot, and bring her child into the world alone and without help. Many die as a result.

Eighteen years ago, members of the Gumuz tribe were baptized for the first time. Since then, there has been continued and growing interest in the Catholic faith in Ethiopia. Every year, the number of baptisms increases, even in some of the most remote villages. In particular, children and young people are drawn to Catholicism.

Support the Pastoral Work of Comboni Missionary Sisters in Ethiopia

Adults, especially men, are harder to reach, because polygamy is widely practiced among them. A man who chooses to be baptized can no longer live with several wives. More women have embraced the faith, finding in the Gospel a source of liberation. But these people are only at the beginning of their spiritual journey and require pastoral support.

The Comboni Missionary Sisters are hard at work here. They prepare catechumens for the reception of Baptism and engaged couples for Holy Matrimony. Plus, they hold various gatherings aimed at strengthening the people’s faith in their chapel. 

The Sisters urgently need more materials for catechesis and the formation of the catechists. They also need to pay for maintenance work on the car they use for traveling into the villages and to complete a chapel so that the faithful will have a place to gather and pray when the rainy season comes.

ACN is offering to help the Sisters in their pastoral outreach with a contribution of $7,700. 

Will you help them minister to this poor and underdeveloped region of Ethiopia?

We are sure they will remember you in their prayers.

Aid to the Church in Need commits to invest your funds where they will have the greatest impact for the Church that we serve. Funds donated to Aid to the Church in Need’s projects will be used towards the greatest need in our programs to help keep the Faith alive.

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