Support the Training of Catechists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, catechists are instrumental in passing on the faith. For example, in the Diocese of Lolo, they live among the people and encourage prayer and conversation in villages.

Support the Training of Catechists in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Many parishes in the diocese cover vast areas, with villages that are often very difficult to access. The few priests available must cover long distances on foot, sometimes wading through waist-high streams, to reach the distant faithful. They cannot visit often, so lay catechists are essential.

In the diocese, there is a catechetical center where lay catechists are trained for this precious service and periodically refresh their knowledge. Basic training lasts two years, and the catechists are joined by their spouses and children. The diocese provides accommodations for the whole family.

The aim is to provide future catechists of the Congo with theoretical and practical training in pastoral studies. This project is close to Bishop Jean Bertin Nadonye Ndongo’s heart. He says their improved formation has given a “new impetus” to the diocese and been a “source of inspiration” to them all.

The need for well-trained catechists is still acute, so Bishop Ndongo has asked for help in the training of 10 more catechists and their families. We have promised him $14,400.

Will you join us in supporting the spiritual life of the Congo?

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