Support the Training of Seminarians in Kenya

Support the Training of Seminarians in KenyaPriests in Kenya face many serious challenges, including a lack of religious education among the faithful, the practice of polygamy, and widespread poverty, which leaves the Church with few financial resources. One of the most important preconditions for tackling these problems is the formation of local priests.

The Diocese of Eldoret is in Western Kenya, on the frontier with Uganda. Over 500,000 of the estimated 2.2 million local residents are Catholics. At present, 81 young men from the diocese are training for the priesthood. 

These future priests are studying in various seminaries in Kenya, since the Diocese of Eldoret does not have a seminary of its own. This year marked an occasion of great joy for the diocese, when 18 of its young men were ordained (nine to the diaconate, nine to the priesthood). And there continue to be new vocations. At the beginning of the current academic year, another 16 men began their training.

In addition to studying theology and philosophy, the seminarians also gain practical experience of pastoral work in the parishes. Over the summer, they all receive placements and visit the Catholic faithful in their homes, sharing their joys and sorrows and praying together. They are also active in youth work and care for the elderly and sick, often bringing them Holy Communion. 

And in the local churches, they help with the necessary preparations for the celebration of Holy Mass. They also provide catechetical instruction and assist the priests by serving at Holy Mass, a practice that helps to awaken an even greater love and deeper understanding of the Liturgy. 

Their formation comes with many expenses, requiring teaching materials, study fees, travel, prayer books and breviaries, soutanes and other clothing, as well as food, electricity, and medical care. 

While the Diocese of Eldoret is materially poor, it is full of life. ACN wants to provide support for the training of its 81 seminarians with a contribution of $33,500. 

Will you join us in supporting the future priests of Kenya?

We are sure they will remember you in their prayers.

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