Support the Training of Seminarians in the Czech Republic

The archdiocesan seminary in Prague is one of just two seminaries in the Czech Republic. Currently there are 15 young men here, from five different dioceses, training for the priesthood. Their future task as priests will be no easy one, since with 34% professing no religious denomination and a further 44% giving no indication of any religious affiliation, the Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic countries in Europe. Just 10.4% of the population is Catholic, while another 11% belong to other Christian denominations. Nevertheless, where people have found their way to faith, there are many living communities with young families. Consequently, priests are urgently needed. 

Czech Republic

These future priests have already had an opportunity during the coronavirus pandemic to give witness of their Catholic faith to the people of their country. They have been visiting the hospitals, offering service to the sick, and helping by making protective face masks for people to wear. The Czech Republic is one of the countries most severely affected by the pandemic, both within Europe and around the world. According to official figures, by mid-March 2021 some 1.45 million people had been infected out of a population of 10.6 million – or almost one person in every seven. The Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Dominic Duka, even awarded the Prague seminary the Gold Medal of Saint Adalbert, in recognition of its seminarians‘ courageous and selfless acts of service.

ACN is supporting these priests for their formation in the Prague seminary, as we do regularly. This year we are giving $5,400. 

Will you support the training of these future priests in the Czech Republic?

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