Support Youth Apostolate in Ethiopia

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The youth apostolate is a major priority for the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. The challenges that the young people of Ethiopia face are immense: they are all but promised poverty and unemployment; they are negatively influenced by media that reaches even the most distant villages. They dream of fleeing to Europe but do not understand the challenges of leaving home.

Support Youth Apostolate in Ethiopia

To counter these forces, the Church has launched youth programs in all 15 parishes of the archdiocese. They aim to train young people as group leaders who can, in turn, work with other young people. The size of the archdiocese can create a general sense of isolation and disconnectedness, so regular group activities are vital. In Ethiopia’s most underdeveloped towns, children and adolescents have few opportunities for growth. Results in other countries have shown that young people who are involved in their parish and whose skills are cultivated by it are more likely to stay in their homeland and work to improve it.

The programs offer Bible studies, games, sporting events, musical workshops, and a responsible sexual education. There are also three optional retreats each year, which allow those who are interested to focus more closely on their spiritual journey. Invitations are extended to young people whose families are not members of the parish.

ACN plans to fund these initiatives with a contribution of $11,400. Will you join us in supporting the vulnerable youth of Ethiopia?

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