Basic Support for 35 Religious Sisters in Ukraine

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The 35 religious Sisters of the Ukrainian Catholic eparchy (diocese) of Kiev perform an outstanding work of service. They belong to 6 different religious communities and are involved in a wide range of different activities. They prepare children for their First Holy Communion and First Confession, they lead Church choirs and attend to all the many needs of the local parish communities. They instruct children, young people and adults in their faith, lead Bible study groups and organize retreats and seminars for girls and young women; they also organize summer camps for the children and visit the sick and elderly in their homes and in the hospitals, comforting them and praying with them. Some of the Sisters also carry out domestic duties in the diocesan seminary.Basic Support for 35 Religious Sisters in Ukraine

All this work is of immense importance, since many people in Ukraine still suffer from a sense of inner emptiness. During the Soviet era religious faith was forbidden; now many people are still searching for God and want to better understand about religion and faith. Many parents want to see their children given a religious upbringing, but themselves know very little about it. Bishops, priests and religious are unanimous in telling us that the longing for God is growing ever greater and that people are urgently looking for genuine catechetical instruction and pastoral support.

The Sisters who perform such great and important work themselves need support in their life and apostolate. To meet this need, ACN is contributing $6,200 via the diocese to help them in their work.

Will you help support these 35 religious Sisters doing God’s work in Ukraine?

We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

Code: 438-05-39

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