Nigerian bishop: ‘the numbers killed are overwhelming,’ while government fails to act


“I am convinced that what we are dealing with here is a weak and corrupt structure. It is about the incapacity of the state to act.”

With eye on pandemic, ACN launches new emergency aid program for Syrian Christians


Many people in Syria have already reached the end of their strength, as a result of the war and the ongoing economic sanctions. But now they have to face a new enemy, the coronavirus.

For our Donors in the United States, a Prayer


Prayer to our donors from the Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil – Bashar Warda, CSSR Our Lord and Our Father In Your name, we pray and …

Letter to Our Faithful Donors in the United States


Dear Friend of ACN, This is a difficult and scary time. We hope and pray that you and those you love are healthy and safe. …

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