As rockets rain down, a priest asks us for prayers.

Dear Friend,

The voicemail recently left for us is chilling and heartbreaking.  The sounds of rockets and explosions are heard in the background as a devoted priest we support (name withheld for safety reasons) pleads for our prayers.

“We need prayers asking for peace and asking for the people who are dying at this moment.  It is very hard.  Especially, in the last week. Pray for us.  Pray for peace.”

Click here to listen to voicemail

The faithful and the religious who care for them have been put through so much, and their torment just continues.  This priest, like so many other priests and sisters, will put his life on the line to help those who have come to rely on him; who have come to the Church seeking help and solace.


This brave priest is coming to us at a most desperate time, with war raging around him, asking us to pray for his faithful. And we will. But, can you help us do more?  He needs support in aiding Christians who have been shattered by the devastation that war brings with it.

Before ending his message, our priest said, “So sorry for this message, but we believe in the prayers.  Asking to God that something can change. Please, it’s terrible, really.  God bless.”


Please, please upon finishing this email, say a prayer for these people who are in such terrible need.  And if you can find it within your means, please make a donation that will be used to meet the humanitarian needs of our brothers and sisters in Syria, a donation that will allow our religious to tend to and comfort their flock.

May God bless you and your loved ones always.

Prayerfully yours,

Sarkis Boghjalian
Executive Director

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