Our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East Need You
Baskets of Hope - Refugee Child

"I have no words to describe all the suffering I see on a daily basis," are the desperate words of Franciscan Father Ibrahim Alsabagh of Aleppo, Syria, as he pleads for the prayers and support of Christians throughout the world for his faithful caught up in the midst of heavy fighting.

During this time, we pray that you and your loved ones can open your hearts to the urgent needs of our Christians brothers and sisters in the Middle East.  Non-perishable food items, medicine and blankets will help overwhelmed men, women and children as they live through the harshest of conditions.

Please give what you can and ask your family and friends to give as well.  Thank you. 

Please Help the Earthquake Victims in Ecuador
Earthquake in Ecuador

“Entire families have left their houses. They are living on street corners and on the pavements, under plastic sheets that they are holding onto with sticks. Day and night, in the heat, the cold, and in the rain.”

A sad account of what is happening in Pedernales, Ecuador from Father Pedro Jesús Arenal, one of the coordinators for humanitarian aid.  “The poorest have the least chance of starting a new life. Desperation sometimes is leading to theft.”

The Church centers are taking the lead in distributing aid and are the best option for the people, as they not only give out aid packages, but also spiritual comfort – consoling the faithful, listening, and letting them know that they are not alone.

Can you help today with a donation to aid our suffering brothers and sisters in Ecuador, to assure them that they are not alone?  Thank you.


Help for the Training of Seminarians in Bosnia and Herzegovi

Help for the Training of Seminarians in Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the Bosnian war from 1992 to 1995, close to half the Catholic Croats in the country were forced to leave and seek refuge abroad. Today, there are only 450,000 Catholics still living here. While it is true that, at 15% of the population, they make up the third-largest group in the country, in this majority Muslim country they are discriminated against in many ways.

Despite this, the Catholic Church is playing an important role in the process of reconciliation and healing after the war, since there are still many open and painful wounds in the country. And the Church is very active and lively.  In the seminary in the Archdiocese of Sarajevo there are at least 44 young men training for the priesthood.

To read more or to donate to this project, please click here.

Christians Under Siege

Bishop cries out as ISIS devastates Syrian towns
"If there are no safe areas in Syria, still more people will leave the country--probably for good. Many of them will go by sea."

Jobs for Syrian Christians: 'Jesus was a carpenter--you can be one too'
"That's the only way we can fight emigration and halt the exodus of faithful from the lands where the faith was born."

Syria: 'Things were never so bad in Aleppo before.'
"I have no words to describe all the suffering I see on a daily basis."

Catholic-Orthodox delegation's Middle East visit is 'tangible' fruit of Pope Francis meeting Patriarch Kirill
"What is most important for many Christians in the Middle East is having their bishops stay with them."

Projects in Need

Build a New and Bigger Church for the Pilgrim Shrine of the Divine Child Jesus in Nicaragua
n Nicaragua there is a shrine to the Divino Niņo Jesus. This is in the Diocese of Matagalpa, and has become a very popular place of pilgrimage that is visited all year round by thousands of pilgrims.

Help for the Training of Seminarians in Bosnia and Herzegovina
In the seminary in the Archdiocese of Sarajevo there are 44 young men training for the priesthood. These seminarians come from all three dioceses of the country, but also from Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo.

5000 Child's Bibles in Urdu Needed in Pakistan
Will you give to fund the printing of these Bibles for children in Pakistan? We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers. Thank you and God bless you.

A Church for the Shrine of Our Lady in Savoigne in Senegal
The parish does not have a "proper" church, but only a multipurpose hall, built in the 1970s and where Mass is also celebrated. Will you help build a church for Our Lady?

Church Around the World

In Malawi, Church eyes Islamic radicalization with concern
The bishop said that these preachers were "dissatisfied" with traditional Islam and wanted to bring "true Islam" to Malawi.

A Tale of Mercy in Rwanda
In just 100 days in 1994, approximately 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda.

In Mali's north, the Church is but slowly rebuilding
"There are suicide bombers, and bombs left here and there. All pastoral work is on hold for the time being."

Nigerian bishops ask their president for action on Christians' rights
"It is a herculean task for Christians to obtain certain certificates to build churches in some northern states."

Prayer Chapel Projects in Need Mass Offerings
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