Please Help Victims of Earthquake in Ecuador

Destruction in Ecuador

The earthquake was very, very strong. Suddenly a large part of the roof fell a few inches from me...In a few seconds, fear, blood and cries had spread through the parish church. I embraced two strangers. I could only pray and ask God that it would stop as soon as possible."

Horrifying words from a tearful Father Walter Coronel, a missionary based in the Archdiocese of Portoviejo.  Hundreds are dead, 4,600 are injured and 20,500 homeless, and the numbers are still rising. Bodies are beginning to decompose in the streets. There is no water and the power is being cut off  Churches and parish structures are left completely beyond repair, and the Church community has lost two Sisters and five postulants.

Can you please help today with a donation to help our suffering brothers and sisters in Ecuador?  Thank you.



Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah. SMall.jpg

Meet Bishop Matthew Kukah

Bishop Matthew Kukah of Sokoto, Nigeria is visiting the United States to raise awareness of the plight of Nigerian faithful living under the constant threat of Boko Haram and other forms of Islamic fundamentalism. 

Click here to learn more about the Bishop and the Church in Nigeria.

Please Bring Hope to Refugees in Syria and Iraq
United in Faith

Today innocent men, women and children in the Middle East are suffering and trapped in an unbearable situation.

During this desperate time, we pray that you and your loved ones can once more open your hearts to the urgent needs of Christian refugees and offer them much needed help.  A Basket of Hope filled with non-perishable food items, medicine and blankets will help our overwhelmed brothers and sisters in faith as they live through a harsh winter.  As of right now, supplies are running low.

Please give what you can and ask your family and friends to give as well.  Thank you. 


Christians Under Siege

Catholic-Orthodox delegation's Middle East visit is 'tangible' fruit of Pope Francis meeting Patriarch Kirill
"What is most important for many Christians in the Middle East is having their bishops stay with them."

Patriarch takes 'painful' stock in ISIS-ravaged Syrian town
The Patriarch estimated that about 40 percent of Syria's Christians have now left Syria.

Syria: with ISIS ousted from their town, Christians are still wary of returning
"St. Elian is greatly revered by the Christians. Muslims also used to go on pilgrimage to his grave."

For Christians in Aleppo, Syria, life remains a struggle
"Of all the families in Syrian cities, the families in Aleppo are worst off."

Projects in Need

A Car for the Sisters of Saint Vincent in Colombia
One of the biggest practical challenge the Sisters face is in the great distances they must travel and the inaccessibility of the region. They sometimes have to walk for up to 7 hours to reach the villages.

Extend a Provincial House for Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará in Ukraine
The Sisters devote themselves to pastoral work, giving catechetical and religious instruction, and counseling young people, while also caring for orphans, elderly people and the sick.

A Car for a National Catechists' Training Center in Pakistan
Brother Sajid Basir, the director of the center, has turned to us for help. We have promised him $13,700. Will you help him today with a donation?

Support Pastoral Work in Two New Parishes in Ethiopia
The two new parishes of Natta and Luan in Ethiopia, close to the frontier with South Sudan, are still very much in their infancy. Will you support pastoral work in these parishes?

Church Around the World

Ecuador: 'We celebrate the rites for the dead on the street every time another victim is found.'
"The bodies are beginning to decompose. We have no water and the power is being continually cut off. Our country is not prepared for this."

Nuns in Angola: 'We hid in the bread oven to escape being killed by the bullets'
"As soon as we arrived, the vocations began; so many in fact, that we didn't have room for them."

On eve of US visit, Nigerian bishop sees fresh hope about the fate of kidnapped Nigerian school girls
"In northern Nigeria, under the tyranny of culture and religion, it is not uncommon to find girls as young as eight or nine being forced into marriages."

Condemning corruption & partisanship, Angolan Church cries foul
The bishops call for "conversion, a genuine change in mentality and behavior" of the country's leadership and the opposition.

Prayer Chapel Projects in Need Mass Offerings
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