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A Car for a Parish Priest in the Holy Land

The tomb of the patriarch Joseph, one of the most sacred places of Judaism and a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Muslims and Samaritans as well is located in Nablus, the largest city in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories. This city, 39 miles from Jerusalem, has almost 300,000 inhabitants and is today a center of trade and industry. Soap and candy are made here, and the average age of the population is young, with over half of the people under 20 years old. Read More

Our Lady of Arabia

A Gift of Faith to Our Lady of Arabia

On February 11, 2013, the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, Bishop Camillo Ballin, Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia, received written confirmation from the King of Bahrain that His Royal Highness had given the Church land upon which a new cathedral could be built. This cathedral will be dedicated to Our Lady of Arabia, and will serve some 2.5 million Catholics in the Northern Arabian Peninsula. It will be not only a place of worship for our brothers and sisters and a training center for the formation of catechists, but a star of Hope in the region. Read More

Church on Fire

Persecuted and Forgotten?

A report on Christians Oppressed for their Faith 2011-2013. The 2013 Persecuted and Forgotten? Report provides in-depth analysis of the situation Christians face in 30 countries where believers, to one degree or another, are not fully free to practice their faith. In the past two years violence and intimidation targeting Christians have increased in a number of nations. In 20 of the 30 countries surveyed in the report the situation has worsened. In other settings, where the problems were already extreme, there has been little or no change. In some areas, the Christian faith is actually at risk of being eliminated altogether. Read More

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