Appeal of the month

“How difficult it is, even today, to freely practice the faith in all those parts of the world where religious freedom and freedom of conscience do not exist.” Pope Francis

 Her words are chilling…Appeal of the Month - Aid to the Church in Need

“I am Catholic. I have survived two years of torture in a training camp of Boko Haram terrorists.  I have seen them murder my son; and I became the mother of another son, the fruit of being raped by a terrorist.”

Rebeca was held captive in Nigeria, suffering physical and psychological torture at the hands of terrorists.  Though she and her children surrendered their freedom and dignity in their struggle to stay alive, they never surrendered their faith.

“I will not deny Jesus for anything in the world!”

It has become far too easy to inflict pain on a Christian in today’s world. It is estimated that approximately 178 million Christians suffer some form of discrimination because of their faith. 

Whether acts of hatred, violence and intolerance are considered persecution or discrimination, the lives affected are never the same.  Children will never unsee the horrors they have witnessed and families will never get back the loved ones taken from them in moments of violence and hatred.  Suffering endured because of devotion to faith leaves a scar etched in the soul.

Since 1947, donors like you have joined Aid to the Church in Need to protect and nurture our fellow Christians in their times of deepest need and distress, helping them to carry the cross of Jesus in regions seeking to eliminate His presence and our faith.

Undoubtedly, our faith unites us in prayer and service. We are entrusted by Jesus to care for those who need us – to not only be disciples of His compassion and grace, but also witnesses to the anguish of those He loves.

Would you give one minute of your time in prayerful silence and join Mary at the foot of the cross, praying for those who are persecuted today?

Can you also ease the pain being felt by our persecuted and suffering brothers and sisters with a donation?

Faith is amazingly beautiful, elevating us spiritually in cherished and sacred moments with God.  When she was forced to kneel in the direction of Mecca, Rebeca repeated silently to herself, “I love you, Lord Jesus.”

Please help us continue our mission so that Christians around the world, in the most hostile of regions, can experience the same.

Your gift today will bring vital services such as shelter, sustenance and psychological and spiritual guidance to faithful who seek refuge and aid from their Church in times of despair. 

God bless you for whatever you can give.


Your generous support will enable us to respond in a timely manner to unforeseen cries for help – like those of Rebeca - in places where being a Christian is a crime.  Only you, as a fellow Christian, can truly understand why our faith is so important, and how critical it is that it survive in places seeking to abolish it.

This Giving Tuesday, what will you give to keep our faith alive in Pakistan?

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