Lenten Greetings to you. We thank God for the great job you are doing for the people of God. Thank you again that you remind us to give you the updates of the Project in progress.

The work is proceeding well. we are still working in painting and floor, doors and windows are not yet fixed. We will keep on informing you what is going on. Find please the attachment of the photos showing how the work is proceeding till now. The work is going on well, its only that we had water problem. water service here is not reliable . So during dry season we fail to start the work because without water the work could not go because of shortage of water resource. But now at least it is not so bad like ever before.

I will send some  pictures of the work as it is now going on.

Thank you. I wish you   EASTER  BLESSINGS,

Faithfully yours in prayer,

Sr. Ernesta George

"Our mission is to bring light into the darkness through which we are living. There is no Christianity without the Cross. Christ is our example."

Father Nicolas Riachy

Appeal of the month

How can you bring back the joy of Easter to a country and people that have been devastated in just about every way possible?

For the faithful of Lebanon, you can reach out and support what has been their one source of constant comfort and solace — the Church.

Father Nicolas Riachy is the parish priest of the Church of Saint Saviour, a treasured historic church in Beirut. He has seen the worry, despair, and weariness on the faces of his congregation. He has seen men break down and cry because they cannot support their families, their hope gone. And this young priest has seen, too, the sad exodus of his faithful.

“Around ten percent of the population of this particular suburb have left because they can no longer live in their homes. I can’t do anything to stop them because I can’t offer them the security, which is what they are seeking. There are still people who are remaining hopeful, but every day it gets more difficult,” said Father Nicolas.

What better gift this Easter than rescuing St. Saviour, and churches like it, for the faithful who desperately rely on them?
Your Easter gift is not simply one to repair infrastructure. It will help mend the broken hearts of those who wish to worship, to calm their souls, if only for brief moments of the day.

Thank you. May God bless you with a joyful Easter.

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