Appeal of the month

““We go together to divine services and to pray the Rosary and know that Jesus accepts these children and that Jesus is also important to these children.” Sister Rita

What I like best about the Sisters is they are happy and laugh. They take care of us and raise us well. They watch movies with us and play with us.” Angelina, age 8.

What I like best is that we all live here together, even though we originally came from different families. There are many of us and you can see the hand of God in that e have succeeded in building a family.” Sister Rita, Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What has brought Angelina and Sister Rita together? Sister Rita is one of three Sisters who runs the House of St. Clara, a home that takes in abandoned and neglected children in Kazakhstan. Today, the Sisters care for 18 kids who love and adore these women who have become like mothers to them.

“The children who come to us have experienced trauma and tragedy. They were forced to witness drunken scenes in their parent’s homes, they experienced violence and ran away from home. They ended up homeless on the streets. We have to start at the very beginning with them and teach them even the most basic things, for example, that they can eat a hot meal every day and do not need to hide their food from the others,” explained Sister Rita.

Though trauma and turmoil separated these children from their families, God in His loving and gentle ways has created a bond between them and these devoted Sisters, forming a new family where they are safe and loved. Through our donors, we are able to reach out to women like Sister Rita and help them so that they can continue their invaluable work of consoling abandoned children, educating and tending to those who are lost, and revealing God’s unlimited capacity for love in their lives.

Your donation today of $35, $50, $75 — whatever amount you choose — will enable our Sisters to meet their basic needs so that they can meet the immeasurable needs of all the precious souls they serve.


Thank you for supporting our Sisters as you’ve done so many times before. They are grateful and will forever remember you in their prayers.


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Words of Comfort and Hope

“This brief note is to let you know that we, the monks in Sri Lanka, are praying for the whole world every day from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm before the Blessed Sacrament. And as we pray for the whole world, we have not forgotten you at ACN; you and your loved ones are also remembered in a special way. We pray that the Good Lord may protect you, your loved ones from this pandemic as we believe in a God who is good.”