“These days we redoubled our prayers for all our friends and benefactors and your special intentions will be remembered in our daily prayers."

Appeal of the month

As the new year begins, we are still in need of prayers and God’s blessings as our hearts continue to ache for healing, unity, and peace.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest that have affected all of us so deeply, there has been one constant.  Our Contemplative Sisters around the world have been with us and our donors from the beginning, reaching out and enfolding us in their love and compassion.

“We, too, are making special holy hours daily before our Eucharistic Lord, praying the Holy Rosary to our Blessed Mother to intercede on behalf of the whole world and you.  May our Lord have mercy on all of us.”  Poor Clare Sisters, Bangladesh.

We have always given special attention to the support of Contemplative Sisters. These committed women who pray in quiet isolation for our needs and those of the Church provide a vital service for you and fellow faithful, though so many in society still doubt their importance and the power of prayer. Can you help our Sisters with a gift today?


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