Keeping the Faith Alive

Appeal of the month

“The future is bleak – we don’t know what we’re going to do,” Bishop Magar Ashkarian of Aleppo, Syria.

One year after devastating earthquakes hit both Syria and Turkey, Syria is still trying to recover. 90% of the population in northern Syria live in poverty. Emigration in the past year, especially in Aleppo, has accelerated, with many families leaving for Canada.

“In order to protect Christian values, Christians must remain here in the Middle East, where these values are more deeply appreciated,” His Excellency told us, while also stating that the conditions in his country are ‘intolerable.’

We are committed to long-term support for vulnerable groups, including retreats to address the trauma sustained by these earthquakes, additional medical aid, and support for the Catholic education system.

We cannot do this without your help.

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