The Voice of the suffering and persecuted​

Ukraine: ‘Only God can answer the question of why we are suffering in this way’


“The psychological, spiritual, physical, and humanitarian consequences, as well as those affecting the family, will probably be felt later. The healing is a process. We have started psychological services in one of our houses, and a priest takes part in this process.”

Nicaragua: bishop goes on hunger strike to protest police harassment


Bishop Álvarez, who has taken refuge during in the parish of Santo Cristo de las Colinas, in Managua, accused the police of having set up roadblocks to prevent priests from reaching the parish to celebrate Mass with him.

Church in Latin America faces aggressive secularism, polarization


“In many of these countries there is an aggressive tendency which seeks to silence the voice of the Church, especially on family and prolife issues. Many of our project partners have told us that in their countries there is a polarization of society, with increasingly large groups characterized by their extremist positions.”

A call for Christians to join the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China


“I invite you to accompany with fervid prayer the Christian faithful in China, our dearest brothers and sisters, whom I carry in the depth of my heart. May the Holy Spirit, protagonist of the Church’s mission in the world, guide them and help them to be bearers of the Good News, witnesses of goodness and charity, and builders of justice and peace in their country.”

Ukraine: priests thank ACN for vital support


Before Easter he visited soldiers at checkpoints, which is also part of the work. “We prayed together; we asked God to protect them and to protect Ukraine and we prayed for peace in the world. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic auxiliary Bishop Josyf Milyan of the Kyiv Archeparchy also visited soldiers and civilians who had been affected.”

Pope is coming to encourage reconciliation, says DRC bishop


“When news of the Pope’s visit was made public, we were thrilled. This is Saint Peter coming to us. He comes as a shepherd, to confirm us in the faith, and we feel very blessed by his visit.”

Anti-Christian violence follows killing of Christian girl in Sokoto, Nigeria


IBishop Kukah appealed “to Christians to remain law abiding and pray for the return of normalcy and congratulates the local authorities and police for their work in dispersing the crowd before they could do further damage.”

Nigeria: Christian student is stoned and burned to death


“”The religious extremism we have become so familiar with under Boko Haram, and that has caused so many innocent victims, seems to have spread and polarized an increasingly large part of society. There is a serious religious liberty crisis, and it is not only caused by terrorists.”

ACN deplores murder of priest in Kaduna, Nigeria


“The increase in kidnappings, murders and general violence against civilians, including members of the Catholic clergy in many parts of Nigeria, is a scourge that is yet to be properly addressed by the local authorities,”

Christians look with hope and concern at Lebanon’s parliamentary elections


“The Church wants Lebanon to be truly independent and the Lebanese government to have full authority over all of Lebanon. We want equality and prosperity for all Lebanese regardless of their religion.

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