Report: Christianity may disappear from Syria and Iraq—a call for international intervention


“Persecuted & Forgotten?” warns that the Church in the region could vanish if radical Islamists were to mount another attack on vulnerable communities—a threat highlighted by reports of jihadists escaping prison, as a result of renewed violence in northeastern Syria.

Iraqi prelate pleads before UN Security Council for international support for a democratic, tolerant Iraq, where all minorities can thrive


Iraq stands at a historic crossroads. The Christian and other minority communities of Iraq stand with – and often beside – Muslim protestors as together they seek a better life, based on equality regardless of religious belief.

Fox News covers UN event on religious persecution co-sponsored by ACNUSA & the Holy See Mission to the UN


“I ran towards the church and saw dead bodies strewn across the floor. There were many body parts hands, heads, legs and hands, moistening church floor with blood. There was lamentation and screaming of the people looking for loved ones. Such a horrible sight.”

Burkina Faso bishop: as Christians are targeted by Islamist terror, ‘West remains indifferent’


“We wondered how it could be possible that so many people know nothing of our situation and how Western governments and Western media are simply not making any mention of it. Many of the Western powers have an interest in seeing the violence continue, and their profits are more important than our lives.”

Ethiopia: peaceful ‘Sufi Islam is being replaced by fundamentalist militants’


“Ethiopians have lived side-by-side for centuries, and we are confident the values they share will keep them united to face these difficult situations. Above all, Ethiopians are very religious people and the prayers of the faithful will be answered. God will protect Ethiopia from the danger of disintegration.”

After decades of persecution ‘things are getting better’ for Egypt’s Christians


“There is a mentality that since 1952 has treated Christians as second-class citizens. Now, some change has happened and things are getting better. Building Churches is easier than before. We don’t have to wait years to get permission to have a church built.”

ACNUSA’s ‘Night of Witness’ focused on plight of persecuted Christians in the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Pakistan


He also recalled how 17 years ago, he narrowly escaped death, when young Muslim extremists put a gun to his head: “I felt the cold nozzle of a .45 caliber pistol at the back of my head. Then I heard ‘click.’ Miraculously, the weapon jammed.”

In Chile’s capital, radical protesters ransack a church


Hooded vandals had dragged out the pews, statues and sacred images into the street, smashing them and setting them on fire. They also sprayed graffiti and abusive slogans on the inside walls of the church as well as on its doors.

In Pakistan, two kidnappings of under-age Christian girls


“I cannot go anywhere alone, for I might be attacked again, and I cannot worship freely. I have no security or legal protection. Still, I do not want to leave my country. This is my home.”

For one young Maronite protester, hope for a better future for Lebanon


“Seeing people from different ages, different backgrounds, different religions and from all over Lebanon, all united together against this corrupt system—that’s all I needed to regain my hope in the Lebanon I dream of.”

This Giving Tuesday, what will you give to keep our faith alive in Pakistan?

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