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In Mozambique, priest blasts terrorists for abducting boys


“The terrorists use these children and forcibly train them to fight in their ranks, whereas the girls are raped and forced to become their ‘brides.'”

In Mozambique, fear of new terrorist attacks causes ‘total panic’


“On a daily basis, we strive not only to be priests, but also activists, psychologists, spiritual directors, first aiders, suppliers and distributors of foodstuffs, Caritas volunteers and diocesan volunteers.”

In Mozambique, lack of hope entices the young to join terrorist ranks


“One of the strong reasons that motivates our young people to allow themselves to be enticed and join the various forms of insurgencyis based on experience of lack of hope in a favorable future.”

Mozambique: How many more deaths will it take before the world takes action?


“The terrorists seem to want to cause maximum damage and sow the greatest terror in their destructive frenzy. We wonder how many more deaths there must be before the world does something to stop this violence?”

In northern Mozambique, ‘they are shooting everywhere’


“When these attacks take place, the people flee into the mountains, and so it is difficult to communicate with them on account of the weak phone signal, plus batteries on their mobile phones have run out,”

Terror, COVID-19, cholera: northern Mozambique is bleeding from many wounds


“The Church in Mozambique is an anchor of hope and charity in a sea of suffering and violence.”

In Mozambique, ‘an experience of the cross’


“I realized just how much, even in poverty, we can help, we can share.”

Refugees in a camp in Pemba

Mozambique: ‘war has only losers, but those who suffer most are the poorest’


“We cannot be indifferent to the suffering, the pain, the death of so many of our brothers and sisters.”

Displaced people in Cabo Delgado

ACN announces $120,000 emergency aid for jihadist-plagued Mozambique


“They have burned down churches and destroyed convents, and also abducted two sisters. But almost nobody has paid any attention to this new focus of terror and jihadist violence in Africa.”

EU sounds alarm: danger of Mozambique becoming a new base for ISIS


He added that the European Union should consider taking action by helping the government of Mozambique.

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