Aid syrian christians in despair

Many emergency relief organizations have provided help to the earthquake victims in Syria, but sadly, they will be leaving soon. Aid to the Church in Need will remain in Syria. Thanks to our donors, we continue to provide food, fresh water, blankets, and medicine. But so many faithful are still without the fundamental items to survive day to day.

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support sisters as they help in ukraine

Our sisters provide solace to the body, mind and soul of the suffering faithful. Together, we are the Church in Need that cares and provides for those most in need. And you have done so much for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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News of the Suffering and persecuted


Nigeria: Call for the beatification of terror victims

They died while worshipping God in his own house, so [beatification] would go a long way toward strengthening the faith of those who are practicing in war-torn areas, or in places like northern Nigeria, where most Christians are persecuted.”


At ACN, a changing of the guard

In her new role, Lynch is responsible for the basic content and statutory leadership of the international foundation, with its 23 national offices.

Bishop Varghese Thottamkara, Vicar Apostolic of Nekemte, celebrating the holy mass.
Support for 25 seminarians at St Paul's Major Seminary - 2021 - 22(Awasa, Nekemte)(Previously ETHIOPIA / NEKEMTE-LAT 21/00150)

Ethiopia: Give peace a chance

“People are so fed up with the suffering. They need a solution, and so we hope that something will come out of these talks.” 

Mons. John Bogna Bakeni, auxiliar bishop from Maiduguri, video message about persecution in Nigeria to Brazilian Bishop Conference

60th Assembly of the Conferência Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil (CNBB) – Brazilian Bishops Conference - in Aparecida, 19. - 28. April 2023

Brazil: In tears, a bishop thanks ACN

“I had bishops in tears, telling me that they can carry out their pastoral ministry, thanks to the support of the generous men and women who contribute to ACN.”


Bishop calls for government action after killings at Catholic school

A police officer who was working as a security guard at a Catholic school for girls in north-eastern Pakistan opened fire on a group of teachers and students, killing two young girls.

The Pictures were taken during  a visit of ACN to Sudan in may 2017. They were taken in Khatoum state. 
Street scenes in Sudan

‘Everyone has family in Khartoum’

Predominantly Muslim Sudan and Christian South Sudan used to form one country, but it split in 2011 after decades of civil war. But the countries and their populations still have a great deal in common.

A Catholic charity serving our suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world since 1947

Projects of the month

Support Religious and Lay Missionaries in Argentina

Support Religious and Lay Missionaries in a Struggling Diocese in Argentina

Añatuya is one of the poorest diocese in Argentina. Most of its population of barely 200,000 live widely scattered across …

A Vehicle for a Remote and Extensive Parish in India

A Vehicle for a Remote and Extensive Parish in India

The Parish of Saint Francis Xavier in Lazu is a remote parish in the Diocese of Miao in the far …

Procession with a monstrance at St. Albert's Catechist Training Center.
Formation programm of 66 residential candidates from 6 diocese at St. Albert´s National Training Center, Khuspur - 2022

Help Catechists in Pakistan

“Pakistan‘s Vatican.” This is how Khushpur, in the Faisalabad district of the Punjab, is sometimes humorously referred to, as it …

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Persecution outlook around the world

Christians around the world face persecution for various reasons, including government oppression, cultural hostility, extremist attacks, official religious domination, and violations of religious freedom.

In authoritarian regimes like North Korea, China or Eritrea, Christianity is viewed as a threat to power and control. In cultures where a majority religion dominates, Christians may be seen as outsiders and targeted for abuse.

Extremist groups, such as Islamic extremists in the Middle East and Nigeria, target Christians out of religious hatred. Some countries have laws and policies in place that limit or prohibit the practice of Christianity, often in the name of serving the dominant religion. Religious freedom is often disregarded as a basic human right, leading to persecution, suffering, and denial of rights.

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