Beirut: "We need a mracle."
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A Catholic charity serving our suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world since 1947

beirut will not be abandoned

More than 100 churches, convents, Church-run schools and other institutes in Beirut are in need of repairs following the blast on August 4th. Aid to the Church in Need will be planning a project assessment trip to determine how best to provide pastoral support before winter hits.

The aid would come on top of the $300,000 emergency help provided by us
within days of the explosion—food packages and other urgent items for nearly 6,000 families worst affected by the catastrophe.

We are coordinating our aid for Beirut with other Catholic organizations, each taking responsibility for designated areas—repair of homes, education, medical care, and infrastructure. As many as 300,000 families in Beirut were displaced by the blast.

Damage in Maronite cathedral in Beirut (Maronite Church photo)

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Father Etube prays over mass grave

Nigeria: ‘It is like we have been left to perish because of our faith’

“He is watching. His time will come. He has told us in Psalm 46:10 to trust in Him. The blood of these martyrs will not be in vain.”

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Church of Buen Pastor de Jesus del Monte, Havana

‘Barring a miracle, we’re going to have to abandon Cuba’

“Barring a miracle, we are going to have to abandon Cuba. It would be a great tragedy, because I believe that our charism of redemption, and our presence here, are vital to the people of the area.”

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Father Léandre Mbaydeyo

Chad priest: ‘I am a child of the war’

“it is exceedingly difficult for a Muslim to convert to Christianity, and those who do take this step are often rejected by their families.”

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Sister Marie Justine

Lebanon in crisis: ‘we need a miracle’

“Our mission is to stand by the people, to lift them up and give them a dosage of positivity and hope. To tell them that God is with us, that better days are coming.”

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Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi calls on Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to protect minorities

“I appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan—especially for the victims of the blasphemy laws and the girls who have been forcibly converted—to safeguard and protect the minorities, who are also Pakistani citizens.”

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First Communion in the Diocese of Kaya

Burkina Faso: First Communion against backdrop of terrorism, COVID-19

“I have received the Body and Blood of Christ. This has strengthened my faith.”

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Message of Hope from Sister Annie in Syria
SYRIA / ALEP-CLD 15/00055
Christmas gift for the children and the people in Al Hassekeh and Aleppo, Christmas 2013: Sister Annie with two boys receiving a Christmas gift
Words of Gratitude and Faith

"Aid to the Church in Need has distinguished itself by transmitting the loving charity of so many Catholics to those places where the Body of Christ – which is his Church – is suffering hunger, humiliation, persecution and martyrdom."

Bishop Raul Biord Castillo - Diocese of La Guaira, Venezuela
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Devastation in beirut

“Beirut is a devastated city. It’s a war scene – there is destruction and desolation in all its streets, its districts and its houses.”
Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai.

The destruction caused by the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate which exploded inside a warehouse was immediate, its impact intensely felt by the Christian quarter.
For a country hit by civil unrest, economic collapse, COVID and now disaster, how much more can our faithful endure? Please give today.