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Fleeing war, refugees in South Africa find Comfort in arms of Church

Project “Refugee Pastoral Care,” carried out by the Archdiocese of Durban and supported byAid to the Church in Need (ACN) since 2013, is vital for the refugees in Durban. The project’s aim is to provide pastoral and social services to refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants with a view to restoring their lost dignity, faith and hope, by providing them with shelter, involving them in healing workshops, social cohesion programs and also to ensure that justice prevails in all matters affecting them, through lobbying and advocacy.

That project also involves other important programs such as paying school fees for refugee children, provision of food and shelter to the refugee newcomers, teaching English to those who come from the francophone regions for integration purposes, and teaching IsiZulu, the local language, among many other services.

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In Mali, joy at release of kidnapped priest

Since 2012, jihadist groups linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State have carried out kidnappings to obtain money or exert political pressure.

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‘May it come easily’— the work of the Salesians in Istanbul

The population of Istanbul has increased tenfold over the last 50 years and the city has one of the largest populations of young people from all European cities.

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Project trip Congo-Kiwu August 2016
Diocese of Bukavu, Daughters of Resurrection: New elected Prioress, Sr. Floride with one of her co-sisters

Kidnapped sister in Democratic Republic of the Congo is freed

idnappings, especially of priests and religious, have become a weapon and a means of pressure in numerous African countries.”

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Bolivia, April 2012
Family in the Yungas in the Andes Mountains. Most people here live from coca which ist much more lucrative than coffee.

Project trip of Rafael D´Àqui and Teresa Englaender

 *** Local Caption *** ACN-News of Teresa Engländer

The challenges facing the Church on the world’s most Catholic continent

We need to protect the indigenous peoples and accompany them in their faith, while respecting their customs, languages and values,” insists D’Aqui.

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ARGENTINA - Archdiocese Córdoba - Córdoba - 12.02.2020:

Fr. Daniel Julián, main chaplain of the Police of the Province of Córdoba, in his office at the headquarters of the Police (Jefatura) 


1903462 (ARGENTINA / NATIONAL 19/00615 -- Licenciatura en Orientación Familiar para Sra. Pamela Martínez y Sr. Gustavo Moro en la Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires - 2020 -- Rev. P. Nicolás Daniel Julián: 2.900,00 USD = 2.636,36 EUR) - WWW-Codes: 209  - 71  - 07

1903411 (ARGENTINA / CORDOBA 19/00265 -- 2700 Ejemplares del YOUCAT en Español para la Capellanía Policial de la Provincia de Córdoba -- Rev. P. Nicolás Daniel Julián: Pending) - WWW-Codes: 209  - 88  - 07

1903416 (ARGENTINA / CORDOBA 19/00267 -- 3.000 Ejemplares de la Y-Biblia en Español para la Capellanía Policial de la Provincia de Córdoba -- Rev. P. Nicolás Daniel Julián: Pending) - WWW-Codes: 209  - 88  - 07

A policeman needs to have his life in order, as death lurks around the corner

“The work of a policeman, the primary material, if you will forgive me putting it like this, is life and liberty. He is a servant of life.”

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Faiths form united front at International Religious Freedom Summit

“Religion is not merely private—international affairs must be considered through the lens of religious freedom.”

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Pray the Rosary to end Violence
Words of Gratitude and Faith

"Aid to the Church in Need has distinguished itself by transmitting the loving charity of so many Catholics to those places where the Body of Christ – which is his Church – is suffering hunger, humiliation, persecution and martyrdom."

Bishop Raul Biord Castillo - Diocese of La Guaira, Venezuela
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