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Protective Equipment Against Covid for Priests and Religious in Zambia

Will you give to help protect priest and religious Sisters as they work to survive and minister during a new COVID wave in Zambia?

The virus has been spreading rapidly since December 2020, and Zambia is insufficiently prepared to deal with it. The hospitals are poorly equipped and there is very little in the way of protective equipment, testing capacity or treatment facilities. For the most part, only those patients showing acute symptoms are tested. Other people infected by the virus are not identified and can therefore continue to spread the infection unchecked. So far there are scarcely any vaccines available.

Please help if you can to protect our religious as they serve the vulnerable and ill.


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Middle East: ‘peace comes directly out of the heart of Jesus’

“The patriarchs believe that peace not only arises through or from Jesus, but that it flows directly out of His heart.”

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Christians in Egypt: much light, but lingering shadows

“We are not asking for much and we are being realistic. Unfortunately, there are still many people who consider Christians to be second-class citizens.”

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Aid to the Church in Need welcomes the ‘Day of Peace’ for the Middle East

“May God heal the wounds of the Middle East! May the Holy Family shield, protect and safeguard the Christians of the Middle East!”

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Support for Religious Sisters in Argentina

With an area of a little over a million square miles, Argentina is the eighth largest country in …

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Bringing Christ to remote rural communities in Ghana

“We are asking your help for a vehicle that will enable us to reach more people with the message of Christ.”

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A tireless servant of the Church in Africa retires after 28 years

Bishop Oscar Nkolo Kanowa thanked her for “her motherly heart that was always so empathetic to the Church in need.”

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Pray the Rosary to end Violence
Words of Gratitude and Faith

"Aid to the Church in Need has distinguished itself by transmitting the loving charity of so many Catholics to those places where the Body of Christ – which is his Church – is suffering hunger, humiliation, persecution and martyrdom."

Bishop Raul Biord Castillo - Diocese of La Guaira, Venezuela
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