pakistan tries to heal

Christians are returning home to find nothing left. Chaos and attacks on Christians are linked to an accusation of blasphemy against a house cleaner. Please help those displaced.

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morocco and libya

Please join us in prayer for all the victims of the tragic earthquake in Morocco and the devastating flooding in Libya. Please hold all of them close to your heart at this difficult time.

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saving children in ghana

In some parts of Africa, children who are born with disabilities are considered evil and often killed. Sister Therese and her Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love dedicate their lives to rescuing, these children.

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News of the Suffering and persecuted

Bishop Edward Kawa, OFM, under the statue of John Paul II in the Bryukhovichi seminary, Lviv, during the war in the country.

Ukraine: Drone attacks on Caritas warehouse hurt the needy

When the drones hit Lviv on the morning of September 19th, a warehouse containing donations to the charity Caritas-Spes was destroyed.  “All the relief goods stored there should have gone to Kharkiv and Pavlograd in the following days,” the bishop told Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).


India: ‘If the government does not intervene, this could go on for months’

“They vandalized and destroyed everything, and then they went away, And when the fire was put out, they came back again, to make sure that the church was destroyed.”

ACN Communications Trip Middle East, May 2016
Iraq, Erbil Food distribution, 21.May 2016
Portrait of the Archbishop Bashar Matti Warda (Archbishop of the Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Erbil)

A wedding tragedy in Iraq: ‘We cannot describe the pain’

The Christian community in Iraq has once again been brought to its knees by a tragedy; fire at a Christian wedding in Qaraqosh, Iraq, left more than 100 people dead and 150  injured.

Mozambique, Cabo Delgado November 2020
Fresh massacres by jihadists – number of refugees is growing daily in Cabo Delgado: Refugees after the recent attacks in Cabo Deldado province - refugees on a truck

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Mozambique: Terrorists kill 11 Christians

A terrorist group that claims allegiance to ISIS arrived in Naquitengue in the early afternoon and summoned everyone in the village. They then separated the Christians from the Muslims, based on names and ethnicity.

Syria, September 2022
Visit of Thomas Heine-Geldern (Executive President of ACN International) to Syria. Pilgrimage of the icon ‘Our Lady of Sorrows, Consoler of Syrians’ in Homs.
The icon peregrination in Homs, held on the 15th of September 2022. It started from the Syrian Catholic cathedral, then went to the Syrian Orthodox Cathedral, to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and finally to the Greek Melkite Cathedral. The main festival was at the Syrian Orthodox with the participation of four different choirs from different churches.

Syrian Patriarch: Despite difficulties, it has been ‘a time of great grace’

“We are still doing everything possible to help our faithful, to provide them with essential services. But we cannot replace the government. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, and we do not see a short-term solution. Without support, we cannot convince them to stay.”


“Thanks to this scholarship, I can help build the future of Iraq”

“Because I have a scholarship to study, I can stay in Iraq, which I want to do. I want my future to be in Iraq, and I want to help build my country’s future, too,”

A Catholic charity serving our suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world since 1947

Projects of the month

Pastoral work with children
Construction of a house for the sisters Misioneras de Jesús Eterno Sacerdote, Patacamaya

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A Convent for Missionary Sisters in Bolivia

The apostolic prelature of Corocoro lies high in the Andes, in one of the poorest parts of Bolivia, where 80 …

Proclamation and evangelization commission - formation of missionary childhood associations.
INDIA / SHIMOGA 21/00060
On-going formation of diocesan & religious priests & laity and promotion of socio-spiritual leadership in 18 diocesan commissions - 3 years (2022 - 2024)

A Pastoral Program to Strengthen Church Life in India

The Diocese of Shimoga in southwest India is highly active, despite having just 18,000 Catholics in a total population of …

Seminarians of the diocese of Sarh.
CHAD / SARH 22/00079
Formation for 48 major seminarians of the diocese of Sarh, 2022 - 2023.

Support the Studies of 48 Seminarians in Chad

Chad is one of the largest countries in the world, at roughly three times the size of Texas. But with …

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Persecution outlook around the world

Christians around the world face persecution for various reasons, including government oppression, cultural hostility, extremist attacks, official religious domination, and violations of religious freedom.

In authoritarian regimes like North Korea, China or Eritrea, Christianity is viewed as a threat to power and control. In cultures where a majority religion dominates, Christians may be seen as outsiders and targeted for abuse.

Extremist groups, such as Islamic extremists in the Middle East and Nigeria, target Christians out of religious hatred. Some countries have laws and policies in place that limit or prohibit the practice of Christianity, often in the name of serving the dominant religion. Religious freedom is often disregarded as a basic human right, leading to persecution, suffering, and denial of rights.

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