Please pray for Pope Francis as he remains hospitalized with a respiratory infection. Read more here.

Trying to return Home in Syria

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has committed to providing more than $550,000 in aid to help Christians return to their apartments and houses, and support families with rent for temporary accommodations.

Xavier Bisits, ACN head of projects for Syria, stressed that, with the country still recovering from the war and 90 percent of people in the country living below the poverty line, this help was vital for Christian families.

He said: “The Church is often the only source of help for Christians who say they are not helped by the UN or other international NGOs.”

God bless you for your help.


News of the Suffering and persecuted


Papua New Guinea: “People suffer greatly in the jungle, they have nothing’

“I visit communities that can only be reached by foot, by boat or by canoe,” said Father Prado. Now, thanks to his new vehicle, he can reach many more people.

Iraq 07/03/2021
Pope Francis In the great Al-Tahira Syrian-Catholic Church (Church of the Immaculate Conception) during his visit to Qaraqosh (Baghdeda).

ACN calls for prayers for the Holy Father’s swift recovery

Pope Francis has been hospitalized in the Gemelli clinic, in Rome, after routine exams detected a respiratory infection.


Nigerian prelate demands to be treated justly

“We hope these new leaders will treat everybody fairly and justly, so that it doesn’t matter who you are, you should be treated as any other citizen. We are not making any special demand, just to be treated justly, fairly and with equity.”


Archbishop: ‘We want to be treated as Iraqi citizens’

“We don’t ask for anything special as Christians, we want to be treated just as Iraqi citizens, equal to anybody else, no more, no less. We want our human dignity to be respected as all other Iraqi people.”


Haiti: kidnapping of priest is ‘outrageous’

Faced with this “painful and outrageous” event, the provincial of the Clerics of Saint Viator uses terms such as “violence” and “anarchy” to describe the “dark hour” the country is experiencing.


‘Our brother’s blood set us free’—Nigerian seminarians recall their kidnapping

They beat us during those phone calls. We were crying with the tension, while our parents listened over the phone. This routine continued for about two weeks. Every time we made the call, they beat us.

A Catholic charity serving our suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world since 1947

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10,000 Booklets with Bible Verses for Ukraine

The Society of Saint Paul the Apostle, which has both a male and a female branch, is especially involved in …

Bolivia, Bishop Pascual Limachi Ortiz with local youth

Support a Youth and Vocations Apostolate Program in Bolivia

Life is hard in the Apostolic Prelature of Corocoro, located high up in the Bolivian Andes. People live in widely …


Fund the Formation of 53 Novices of the Daughters of Our Lady in Indonesia

With a population of 272 million, Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation on earth. Christians account for just 10% …

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Please pray and light a candle for the victims of war in Ukraine, for those homeless and displaced, for those hungry and cold.

Light a Candle
Janada Marcus who got help at the Trauma Center in Maidugurii after Boko Haram did “the unthinkable” to her
Human resources and skills acquisition centre for trauma counselling in the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri (five instalments)


Held hostage by the terror and brutality of Boko Haram, faithful are traumatized and trying desperately to live again.

My Gift for Nigeria


Lebanon is in crisis in every possibly way, but economically everyone is being hurt, especially the children. Please help them today.

My Gift for Lebanon

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Persecution outlook around the world

Christians around the world face persecution for various reasons, including government oppression, cultural hostility, extremist attacks, official religious domination, and violations of religious freedom.

In authoritarian regimes like North Korea, China or Eritrea, Christianity is viewed as a threat to power and control. In cultures where a majority religion dominates, Christians may be seen as outsiders and targeted for abuse.

Extremist groups, such as Islamic extremists in the Middle East and Nigeria, target Christians out of religious hatred. Some countries have laws and policies in place that limit or prohibit the practice of Christianity, often in the name of serving the dominant religion.

Religious freedom is often disregarded as a basic human right, leading to persecution, suffering, and denial of rights.

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