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Providing Christmas gifts to children in Syria

Helping faithful forced from their homes with nothing in Nigeria

Guaranteeing a future through education in Lebanon

Donate to the Persecution Fund to aid Christians at risk

Creating a culture of learning and love in Iraq

Help Christians trapped by war in the Holy Land

News of the Suffering and persecuted

Fr. Sebastiano D'Ambra, Founder of the Silsilah Dialogue Movement in Zamboanga City, Philippines. Silsilah is an Arabic word that literally means “chain” or “link”. The Silsilah Dialogue Movement is the recipient of the 2013 Goi Peace Award of the Tokyo based Goi Peace Foundation.

Philippines: Terrorists strike during Mass

“I see this as a very tragic event, because just today, we were beginning the Marawi Week of Peace in the Diocese of Marawi. What was meant to be a week full of positive, peace-building moments has become a time of terror."

German priest freed from captivity in Mali

“Despite our joy at the moment, however, we must also remember that there are many other men and women who remain in custody or are persecuted for their beliefs around the world, but particularly in Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Burkina Faso."

Middle East: Fewer Catholic schools spell more extremism

"But if we don’t keep Catholic schools going, the consequences will be serious for the whole country. Some Islamist institutions are waiting to jump into the gap. The children would then be ideologically indoctrinated, which would lead to more extremism.”

Help for Christians caught in Holy Land crisis

ACN is supporting an initiative of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (LPJ) to secure a constant supply of necessities, including hygiene kits, medicine, food, and fuel, for the isolated Christian communities in the Gaza Strip.
One of the Oldest Burmese Catholic Parish Churches (1894) was destroyed by Burma Army. The Church is the pride of Upper Burma Catholic Church. The very first Burmese Bishop was baptized in this Church as a child. This parish had given Archbishops and many priests and many nuns to the Chruch. The Church named after the Assumption of Our Lady was a Historic building not only for the Catholic Church but to the country.
Credit: Radio Veritas Mandalay.

Christians call for prayers as new fighting breaks out in Myanmar

“We heard of strong attacks in several dioceses. Recent days have seen a significant escalation in violence and displacement, and we have received an increasing number of urgent requests for prayer.”

Kidnapping of priests still rampant in Nigeria

As of November 13th, the total number of priests, sisters, and seminarians kidnapped in 2023 is 23, showing that abductions continue to be the biggest threat to the safety of clergy and religious people in the country.

A Catholic charity serving our suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world since 1947

Projects of the month

Diocese of Mongo (Chad).

Help for the Training of Seven Seminarians in Chad

The apostolic vicariate of Mongo in eastern Chad serves an area of almost two million square miles. The majority of ...
KENYA / MERU 23/00464
Vehicle for pastoral work  in  St Michael's Parish, Chera by the Missionaries of St Francis de Sales

A New Car for a Parish in Kenya 

The missionary congregation of Saint Francis of Sales was founded in France in the mid-1800s. Today, it has 1,500 members ...

Events for the Anniversary of a Parish in Albania

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Albania. On that occasion, he recalled the many ...

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Persecution outlook around the world

Christians around the world face persecution for various reasons, including government oppression, cultural hostility, extremist attacks, official religious domination, and violations of religious freedom.

In authoritarian regimes like North Korea, China or Eritrea, Christianity is viewed as a threat to power and control. In cultures where a majority religion dominates, Christians may be seen as outsiders and targeted for abuse.

Extremist groups, such as Islamic extremists in the Middle East and Nigeria, target Christians out of religious hatred. Some countries have laws and policies in place that limit or prohibit the practice of Christianity, often in the name of serving the dominant religion. Religious freedom is often disregarded as a basic human right, leading to persecution, suffering, and denial of rights.

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