Ukraine Still Needs Us

100% of all donations will be used to provide humanitarian relief to refugees and our brothers and sisters suffering in Ukraine right now.
Those in need will be supplied with food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine, etc. Thank you for caring and for showing immense generosity. God bless you.

Transportation – A Channel of Hope in Ukraine


Last October, the Archbishop of Lviv consecrated a newly built Pilgrim House. From the beginning of the invasion, this house opened its doors to refugees, and over the past six months it became home to more than 350 people.

Today, it is at capacity, hosting 50 people, including 19 children, between the ages of six months and 16 years.

But without a van, securing the needs of the refugees is impossible. When refugees arrive at the train station they need to be picked up, and when they decide to return to their homes, they need to be taken to the station.

Also, the refugees need to travel elsewhere to obtain documentation, and food needs to be purchased for all the home’s guests. A vehicle is vital to the house’s daily running and aid to the refugees.

ACN Donors Keep Lebanon Schools Open

Lebanon’s financial collapse has made it impossible for many parents to pay tuition fees. Semi-public schools are also experiencing a situation of great hardship because although they are entitled to government subsidies, the Lebanese state has not covered the costs in the past four years.

Funding hopes to benefit 30,000 students and more than 6,000 teachers in almost 200 schools.

ACN, which had already increased its aid to Lebanon since the massive Beirut Port explosion in August 2020, continues to prioritize the subsistence of Christian communities in Lebanon, the only Arab country where Christians play a significant role in society and politics.

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Father Hannna Kanaan with a student in the automotive class at the technical vocational school for young people, run by the Melkite Fathers of the Foyer de la Providence in Sidon (Lebanon).

Country in crisis, Christian school doubles down on its mission

But parents were aware of the crushing financial crisis that has sunk the country’s economy over the past few years. How could they not be? Many of them had found themselves unable to meet their obligations, including paying tuition.

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Burnt church in the Chipene Mission. Visit of the Bishop Alberto Vera Aréjula after the attack in Nacala on September 2022. 

An 83-year-old Italian nun was brutally shot dead on Tuesday night during an armed attack on the Chipene mission in the diocese of Nacala in Mozambique 6. – 7. September 2022

Terrorists slit throats of Christians in Mozambique

“One Christian managed to flee and he is the one who told the story. This is what happened on the night of Sept. 6 and the following day – 11 people were murdered in total and they left a trail of destruction and a lot of fear.”

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Asif George with his family in their damaged houses in the flooded Chak village, Sindh province.

Pakistan flooding: Disease, debt, discrimination, and ruined crops

“We moved to a hill after the boundary wall of our mud house collapsed but it was too hot under the open sky. We are unsure of our future. The cotton crop has rotted after the first harvest, and the sugar cane is being ruined.”

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Syriac Catholic priest Father George Jahola next to the ruins of the belltower of Syriac Catholic Mar Benham Church in Baghdeda (Qaraqosh).
IRAQ / MOSSUL-SIR 21/00099
External restoration of  St Behnam and Sara church.

Restored church gives hope to Christians who want to stay in Iraq

“The restoration of this church is a symbol of resistance, to remain in this land, to bear witness. Pope Francis visited us just over a year ago, and he asked us to bear witness in this land.”

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Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP): 2 January -13 February 2021- On Going Bible Study 2021, Kot Lakhpat

The Bible in Pakistan: ‘There is a blessing for those who touch the Word of God’

“every day you should touch a page of the Bible, each word of the Bible. Go line by line, line by line, and obtain this blessing with your fingers, because it is written in the Bible that there is a blessing for those who touch the Word of God.”

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Terror in Mozambique: Church wants to be part of the solution

“The whole of society must be involved, and that includes the Church, which can contribute to the promotion of peace and stability for the country. We do what we can to spread love and peace to everyone.”

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Suffering Christians around the world
Words of Gratitude and Faith

"We remain ever grateful to you all and may God Almighty reward you abundantly through Christ our Lord. Be rest assured of our feeble yet constant prayers for you. Thanks so much. Yours in the vineyard of the Lord.”

Sr Franka Okeke, Cameroon
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