Pray for faithful of nigeria
Attack on St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church , Read about those that survived Nigeria’s Pentecost massacre
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‘We are weak, tired, and scared. We hope God will fight for us’
Violence on Christians and Churches continue in Nigeria, as faithful grow increasingly more frightened to return to church.
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Help Us Provide Emergency Aid For Ukraine

100% of all donations will be used to provide humanitarian relief to refugees and our brothers and sisters suffering in Ukraine right now.
Those in need will be supplied with food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine, etc. Thank you for caring and for showing immense generosity. God bless you.

Humanitarian Aid - ukraine

If you are able, please make a donation to help the faithful of Ukraine.

The war is nearly four months old, and the needs are both immediate and long-term.

“The worst consequences of the war will not be immediate, but will drag out. The psychological, spiritual, physical and humanitarian consequences, as well as those on the family, will probably be felt later. The healing is a process,” says Bishop Radoslaw Zmitrowicz, an auxiliary in the Diocese of Kamyanets-Podilskyi.

With your help, we will respond to those in distress, whatever the needs, whenever we are needed.

Help the Children - lebanon

One of our project partners, a devoted Sister serving both Syria and Lebanon told us recently, “Please do not let Lebanon fall.”

The country’s catastrophic economic meltdown is affecting every aspect of society, touching every household. Shortage of food, medicine, clothing – just about anything you can imagine a family would need to survive.

One part of society Lebanon is gradually losing are its Catholic schools. Schools that have become a second home for children, a place of safety, a place where they are given one meal a day — food they may not be able to receive at home.

You can help these children and these schools survive.


A Catholic charity serving our suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world since 1947

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Ignatius Ayau Kaigama, archbishop of the diocese of Jos (Nigeria), at the stand of ACN Germany at the Katholikentag (German Catholic congress) in Leipzig. Photograph was taken on May 28th, 2016.

Abuja under terrorist attacks: Archbishop decries insecurity and inequality

Although the archbishop is skeptical that the ruling party will allow the 2023 vote to be fair, the Church has been encouraging everyone to register and to try and change the country through the ballot box. The worst that can happen, he adds, is for the ruling party to use the violence and instability as an excuse to postpone the elections indefinitely.

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Nigeria: ‘We are weak, tired, and scared. We hope God will fight for us’

“To be honest, even I am scared. Fear has taken the best out of us. But I will not stop preaching the Gospel, I will not stop winning souls for Christ, because that is my calling.”

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Nigeria, March 2017 
Most Rev.Oliver Dashe Doeme at IDP camp

Nigeria: ‘we have never experienced what we are experiencing now’

“We make sure the children get an education, from primary school even, if possible, to university. This is key to defeating Boko Haram. When people have training to secure their livelihood, then they don’t go and kill people.”

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Training grant for a sister of the community of St. Joseph at the University of Kyiv for 2021/2022

ACN support for war-stricken Ukrainians reaches $5M

“Thanks to the help of ACN benefactors, priests and religious can offset shortages of food, and basic hygiene and medical products felt by many of the internally displaced people. Furthermore, they can provide psychological and spiritual support to all those who are traumatized from losing their homes or loved ones.”

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Lebanon, April 2022 
Pastoral visit of Sr. Raymonda Saade to Georgette.

Lebanon: ‘the situation makes you want to cry, but we have hope’

But the port explosion was only the latest in a series of tragedies to hit Lebanon. Only a couple of years earlier, a financial crisis had sent the Lebanese pound tumbling, losing 20-fold its value in relation to the dollar. All of this was compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, of course.

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Celebration at Ukrainian national shrine—faith under shelling

Our Lady continues to protect her children, both spiritually and physically.

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Persecution around the world
Words of Gratitude and Faith

"Aid to the Church in Need has distinguished itself by transmitting the loving charity of so many Catholics to those places where the Body of Christ – which is his Church – is suffering hunger, humiliation, persecution and martyrdom."

Bishop Raul Biord Castillo - Diocese of La Guaira, Venezuela
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