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A Catholic charity serving our suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world since 1947

Nuns Care for most vulnerable in siberia

“It has made our work here more complicated. Many people have lost their jobs, or at least their wages have been cut. They knock on our door asking for help, if only for a piece of bread for the children,” says Sister Theresa. The sisters are particularly beloved among the homeless:

“These people all have their painful memories and emotional wounds. They do not come to us solely for material assistance. They are just grateful to receive a little kindness and warmth.”

Sisters of the Congregation of St. Elizabeth

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Destroyed Church In Mocímboa Da Praia

EU sounds alarm: danger of Mozambique becoming a new base for ISIS

He added that the European Union should consider taking action by helping the government of Mozambique.

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Jawad Elhamidy

Moroccan Christians have to practice their faith in secret

Moroccans do not worship publicly, because they risk being accused of proselytizing if they engage in public expressions of any religion other than Islam.

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Maira Shahbaz

Pakistan: Imam’s fatwa gives parents of kidnapped Catholic girl hope

“In terms of how the marriage is viewed within the Muslim community, the Grand Mufti’s intervention is significant.”

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Christian procession in Qaraqosh (Father Halemba, front right)

Iraq’s Christians remain at risk of eradication—lack of security forces emigration

“The international community must take immediate and decisive action to tackle the problems which are threatening the continuing Christian presence in Iraq.”

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Sister comforts people who fled the violence in northern Mozambique

Women religious fear jihadists will take control of province in Mozambique

“These are people who not only need to eat; they also have to have some spiritual accompaniment. Some of them have seen their parents, their brothers beheaded.”

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ACN 20200219 97319

Success Story: A New Church for the Parish of Saint Anthony Claret in India

The 23rd of February, 2020, was a big day for the faithful of the Parish of Saint Anthony …

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Message of Hope from Sister Annie in Syria
Words of Gratitude and Faith

"Aid to the Church in Need has distinguished itself by transmitting the loving charity of so many Catholics to those places where the Body of Christ – which is his Church – is suffering hunger, humiliation, persecution and martyrdom."

Bishop Raul Biord Castillo - Diocese of La Guaira, Venezuela
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Words of Comfort and Hope

“This brief note is to let you know that we, the monks in Sri Lanka, are praying for the whole world every day from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm before the Blessed Sacrament. And as we pray for the whole world, we have not forgotten you at ACN; you and your loved ones are also remembered in a special way. We pray that the Good Lord may protect you, your loved ones from this pandemic as we believe in a God who is good.”