Keeping the Faith Alive

Help to Build a Parish Church in Indonesia 

With 272 million people, Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation in the world. But its religious make-up varies from place to place. The island of Flores, for example, is mainly Catholic.  

The parish of Copang in western Flores was established in 2017 and today has a population of over 7,800 Catholic faithful that grows annually. This is a very lively parish; Holy Mass is well-attended; and the people genuinely strive to live their faith every day. 

The parish has a problem, however: there is not a parish church. So, for the present, Holy Mass and adoration take place in a hall that is far too small and unsuitable as a house of God.  

The faithful long for a proper church of their own and have already started to gather materials and money so they can fulfill that dream. But most of them are basically small farmers and already live from hand to mouth. There is no way for them to save the needed funds alone. 

Father Florianus Suyanto, their parish priest, has turned to us. We cannot possibly disappoint him and his parishioners, so we have promised them $32,487 for the construction of this long-awaited parish church. Will you help us?  

Code: 318-01-19

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