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In Indonesia, a Muslim community enforces, then repeals a ban on non-Muslim residents


“This village rule contradicts Indonesian law: the Pancasila, the country’s official philosophical foundation, as well as our constitution. Intolerance like this must be avoided so that Yogyakarta’s reputation is not damaged.”

Indonesia: Being faithful on Madura Island requires patience and courage


“It is not easy to be Catholic on Madura Island, and I pray that my children will keep their faith. My wife and I do our best to keep them close to God.”

In Indonesia, a teenager is grateful for construction of ‘real’ church


“Now we are building a real church, the church that we’ve been missing for 17 years.”

Indonesia: the life of a Catholic teen in an ocean of Muslims


“I am happy to live my life as a young Catholic. Although we are a minority—with people around us who are all Muslims—we can live together.”

Expert: In Indonesia ‘terrorism could strengthen moderate Islam’


“Indonesia will certainly become more Islamic; but hopefully still within the country’s existing constitutional and democratic framework. For us Christians, the task is clear: we have to build up trusting, positive relations with mainstream Indonesian Islam.”

Church bombings in Indonesia prompt pastor’s call for forgiveness


SURABAYA is the capital city of East Java Province, Indonesia. Like many cities in Indonesia, 80 percent of Surabaya’s population is Muslim. Most Indonesian Muslims here are members of the moderate Nahdatul Ulama, the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia. The events of Sunday (May 13, 2018, however, were evidence of the growing threat from Islamist

Christians in Indonesia feel ‘desperate, terrorized’ by bombings


“Our faithful are afraid, but we, their pastors, constantly call on them to remain calm. The terrorists are trying to scare us, but we must remain at peace and pray that God may convert their hearts.”

In Indonesia, Jesuit pastor forgives Muslim assailant


“I am not afraid, nor do I get angry. I reflect that this is like David and Goliath. Giant Goliath comes with a long sword, while David is unarmed. David only relies on the intervention and protection of God. A shepherd cannot run away from his sheep.”

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Words of Comfort and Hope

“This brief note is to let you know that we, the monks in Sri Lanka, are praying for the whole world every day from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm before the Blessed Sacrament. And as we pray for the whole world, we have not forgotten you at ACN; you and your loved ones are also remembered in a special way. We pray that the Good Lord may protect you, your loved ones from this pandemic as we believe in a God who is good.”