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A Church for the People of Nkontrodo, Ghana


Some 200 people of the town of Nkontrodo, a small community belonging to the Parish of Saint Francis in Elmina, Ghana, actively practice their Catholic faith, regularly attending Holy Mass and playing an active part in the life of the Church.

A Car for Pastoral Work Among Tribal Peoples in India


Serving the poor and downtrodden, Sister Christine of the Merciful Sisters of the Cross has to cover considerable distances in the course of her work – frequently on poor roads and in inaccessible regions of India. Her old car had served her well for eight long years, but unfortunately, owing to the harsh conditions, it had become increasingly unreliable, repeatedly leaving her stranded in mid-route and becoming ever more expensive in repair costs. 

Support a Church-Run Meal Service for Syrian Refugees and Other Needy People in Lebanon


For many people in Lebanon, a hot meal is not something to be taken for granted. In the town of Zahle, the poverty is particularly …

A Vehicle for Pastoral Work in the Philippines


For seven years, Sister Anita has worked with the indigenous peoples of the Philippines, in the Diocese of San Jose. She offers them counsel, ministers to their most urgent needs, and supervises children in the primary school. She helps local women and organizes youth events and activities. “It is a joy and a blessing,” Sister Anita says of her work.

A New Water Well for an Indian Boarding School


The Daughters of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple are an Italian congregation, founded in the 19th century. Their particular mission is …

Renovation of the Saint Augustine Seminary in Zambia


The landlocked state of Zambia in southern Africa is one of the more stable countries on the continent. Christians make up the overwhelming majority (90%) …

Mass Stipends for 20 Franciscan Priests in Paraguay


Paraguay faces many major challenges. Poverty remains a serious problem, and many people, above all in the rural regions, can see little future for themselves …

Mass Stipends for 19 Brazilian Priests


The Catholic Shalom Community was founded in 1982 in Brazil. Its members include young people, families, married couples and priests, who live in so-called “life …

Help for Refugees and Traumatized People in the Philippines


For the local Bishop, Edwin de la Peña, dialogue and the rebuilding of peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims are an absolute priority today. In …

A Car for a Parish in Tanzania


The Parish of Mlevela in Tanzania is still very young. Only established only in 2017, it is located some 10 miles west of Njombe, where …

This Giving Tuesday, what will you give to keep our faith alive in Pakistan?

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