Success Stories - Mass Stipends

Success Story: Mass stipends for 43 Priests in Russia


With an area of 4 million square miles, the Diocese of Saint Joseph in Irkutsk is larger than the entire United States. Bordering on China, …

Success Story: Mass Stipends for Sixteen Priests of the Solomon Islands


The Solomon Islands are a group of over 900 islands in the South Pacific, roughly 450 miles to the east of New Guinea and 1,300 …

Success Story: Mass Stipends for 40 Priests in Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone has a long story of constant suffering, from bloody civil war and massive poverty, to the Ebola epidemic of 2014 and a string …

Success Stories: 114 Priests in Russia Receive Mass Stipends


The Catholic Archdiocese of the Mother of God has its center in Moscow and covers a vast area of over a million square miles. The …

Mass Stipends for 20 Franciscan Priests in Paraguay


Paraguay faces many major challenges. Poverty remains a serious problem, and many people, above all in the rural regions, can see little future for themselves …

Mass Stipends for 19 Brazilian Priests


The Catholic Shalom Community was founded in 1982 in Brazil. Its members include young people, families, married couples and priests, who live in so-called “life …

26 Priests in Papua New Guinea Thank You for Your Mass Stipends


The 26 priests of the Diocese of Wabag, in central Papua New Guinea, are very grateful to you for the 2,025 Mass Intentions that you …

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