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Ministering to the Roma people in Slovakia: ‘we should be their friends rather than aid workers’


” A new priest comes to the village and, suddenly, Romas are in the church, at the parish house, everywhere. It was not easy.”

Pope Francis will be first Pontiff to attend International Eucharistic Congress in 21 years


“We have an appointment with Christ in Budapest; may He be the shining companion of our lives; may He be the one who brings optimism and joy to our lives!”

Thirty years ago, ACN-sponsored smuggled radio equipment helped prevente communist coup in Russia


ACN project partners and employees had smuggled the broadcasting equipment, one component at a time, by ship to St Petersburg and from there on to Moscow.

Irish dioceses are reviving ‘Mass Rocks’ tradition


Protestant England sought to extinguish the Catholic faith from the island. That was the time when Catholics gathered in remote and isolated spots where Mass was celebrated in secret.

Belarus: ‘Pope Francis is concerned about the situation in the country’


“The work of foreign priests is made more difficult because they must regularly apply for a permit to carry out pastoral work. This permit may be revoked at any time.”

‘May it come easily’— the work of the Salesians in Istanbul


The population of Istanbul has increased tenfold over the last 50 years and the city has one of the largest populations of young people from all European cities.

‘When the Holy Father touches Ukrainian soil, the war will come to an end’


“We are very grateful to the Holy Father for his ongoing support, for his prayers and solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

Small Catholic communities survive in Kyrgyzstan


“Money is being pumped into the country byTurkey and Pakistan to promote a more radical interpretation of Islam.”

Father Andrea Santoro

On the 15th anniversary of his murder, a priest remembered


“May Jesus shine in us—with his Word, with his Spirit, with the power of his saints. May our lives be that wax which is willingly consumed.”

A Marian procession in Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina: bishops condemn corruption and mistreatment of Catholics


it would have been the duty of “native and foreign officials” to create a general “political, legal and material” framework that would have made it possible for the Catholic minority to remain in the country, but this did not happen.

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