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Bringing Christ to remote rural communities in Ghana


“We are asking your help for a vehicle that will enable us to reach more people with the message of Christ.”

Historic church is due to reopen in Lebanon


“Due to the explosion which occurred on August 4th 2020, Saint Joseph’s Church was severely damaged.”

Christians among victims of massacre in Burkina Faso


“Christians have more reason to fear a forced imposition of Islam. Their religious freedom and even their lives are at stake.”

In Mozambique, priest blasts terrorists for abducting boys


“The terrorists use these children and forcibly train them to fight in their ranks, whereas the girls are raped and forced to become their ‘brides.'”

In Mozambique, Catholic radio brings hope to faithful living in fear of terrorism


It is an initiative which aims to continue the Church’s mission in the current situation by what is currently the best means of communication in the region—radio.

Aid to the Church in Need honors its donors on first annual ‘Benefactors’ Day’


“Dear benefactors, to all of you, your help made it possible to support our priests, who in turn took this help to our people, supporting and strengthening the faith.”

After seven years on death row, Pakistani couple is acquitted of blasphemy charges


“I have to confess that after the justices had given their verdict I wept. There were times when I wondered if, after so long, justice would ever prevail in this case.”

The pandemic in India: ‘we must fight together if we want to survive,’ says archbishop


“Political power, economic security, physical health: all of this is ephemeral and will not last. What matters most is charity, fraternity, and compassion—values as they were lived by Holy Mother Teresa of Calcutta.”

In India, Church is overwhelmed by COVID-19


“Often we had to turn away patients as we could admit only 125 at a time. Yet they kept calling and coming. I have never seen human suffering like this.”

Cardinal Bo

In Myanmar, grief and shock after army attacks a Catholic church


“Let us remember the blood that is spilled is not some enemy’s blood. Those who died and those who were wounded are citizens of this country.”

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