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In Pakistan, Christian families face destruction of their homes


“We are being made homeless. Our law suppresses the weak in service of the powerful. Our dreams have been broken.”

Myanmar: ACN calls for prayers


“I am shaken by the news that has reached us from Myanmar—the degree of brutality with which the security forces are apparently prepared to shoot anyone whom they see on the streets.”

In northern Mozambique, ‘they are shooting everywhere’


“When these attacks take place, the people flee into the mountains, and so it is difficult to communicate with them on account of the weak phone signal, plus batteries on their mobile phones have run out,”

In Myanmar, cardinal urges protestors not to turn to violence


“All faith traditions adhere to non-violence because all violence is intrinsically evil. Violence brings greater violence. I unconditionally condemn ail acts of violence against unarmed civilians.”

Terror, COVID-19, cholera: northern Mozambique is bleeding from many wounds


“The Church in Mozambique is an anchor of hope and charity in a sea of suffering and violence.”

In Pakistan, the road is paved with faith and glory


“Our parents have taught us to be silent when it comes to discourse of religion. Poor Christians cannot face mobs or expensive and lengthy court cases. Our police and lawyers are known for siding with the rich and minting money.”

Cardinal Bo

Myanmar: ‘the killings must stop at once’


“The blood spilled is not the blood of an enemy. It is the blood of our own sisters and brothers, our own citizens.”

Small Catholic communities survive in Kyrgyzstan


“Money is being pumped into the country byTurkey and Pakistan to promote a more radical interpretation of Islam.”

Indonesian parishioners long for a church building


“Unexpectedly, there was a strong rejection from a certain intolerant Muslim group. They protested against the Easter celebrations held on the parish’s land. I was shocked as I did not expect such thing to happen. “

To mark papal visit to Iraq, ACN launches project to invest in young people


“We need to bring good news to the people here during the papal visit; to be able to announce the vision to have 1000 students by 2025.”

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