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Refugees and displaced in eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo: ‘We have been on the Via Dolorosa for years’


“The people here simply don’t count. They have the feeling that the government doesn’t even exist here. We feel as though the state authorities have abandoned us.”

Father Chiera

Brazil: ‘your donations are saving lives’


“These children, who have never been allowed to be loved as ‘sons or daughters,’ need first of all to be able to live the experience of being loved before they themselves can begin to love.”

Damaged roof of St. George Maronite Cathedral in Beirut

In Lebanon, ‘hope is our daily bread’


“Despite everything, we look towards the future with hope, because we know that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Master of history, and that in His hands lie all our history and life.”

Bishop Juan Aguirre (Fundacion Bangassou)

Central African Republic: Bishop asks prayers for peace


“How is one to show a face of loving tenderness in the midst of so much violence?”

Archbishop Chahda

In Aleppo, Syria, a Mass in gratitude for ACN donors


“Your support makes the families stay in the country.”

Memorial procession for victims who died at sea

Venezuelan diocese mourns drowning victims


“Sadly, we cannot stop the practice, and as a result many families from here, from our diocese and from Venezuela generally, are left mourning their loved ones.”

Georgette and Charbel

In Lebanon, a daily struggle to feed three grandchildren


“The situation of the Christians in Lebanon is uncertain, but Jesus is always with us and nobody can throw us out from here.”

Father Pierluigi Maccalli © Societé des Missions Africanes (SMA)

Captive in the desert: the blessing of the great silence


“I suffered. But the great silence was also a blessing. You find yourself experiencing an inner journey that takes you far and deep.”

Prince Dr. Asfa Wossen Asserate (© Asfa-Wossen-Asserate

Ethiopia: ‘we can live in peaceful coexistence’


“It is imperative that this apartheid constitution is replaced by a new one, which finally will turn Ethiopia into the country that most Ethiopians have wanted for at least 50 years: a democratic federalist state.”

Refugees in a camp in Pemba

Mozambique: ‘war has only losers, but those who suffer most are the poorest’


“We cannot be indifferent to the suffering, the pain, the death of so many of our brothers and sisters.”

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