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Lebanon holds a message of hope for the future of Christians in the Middle East


“All Arab countries forbid Muslims to convert to Christianity, so our message to the Middle East is that we have to preserve religious freedom.”

In Lebanon, a Carmelite monastery attracts Christians and Muslims alike


“This particular statue of the Virgin, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, … attracts many people from all the Christian denominations, and many Muslims as well.”

Lebanon is in ‘hell’


My mother is old and she needs all kinds of daily medications. My brother is diabetic and has vision problems. They both need special care, and I am no longer able to provide such care.”

One year after Beirut explosion, Lebanon’s wounds fester


“Some of the families here in Jounieh, a town not generally regarded as being poor, actually go out early in the morning, in order not to be seen, scavenging food from the dustbins!”

Lebanon: ‘We were among the dead, and we lived the resurrection’


“As a priest with a family, I am affected by the crisis too. We have stopped eating meat except for once a week when have chicken. We have cut down our electricity use and only buy fruit once a week. It’s not just to be in solidarity with the people. We really have no more money.”

A Minibus for Blessed Sacrament Sisters in Lebanon


The Sisters of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Lebanon are overjoyed. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we were able to give them …

Damage in Maronite cathedral in Beirut (Maronite Church photo)

Pope meets with Lebanon’s bishops as the Middle East’s largest Christian community is in peril


“Christians are experiencing tough times, doubt, and confusion after the pandemic, the economic crisis, and on top of all these, the explosion.”

Historic church is due to reopen in Lebanon


“Due to the explosion which occurred on August 4th 2020, Saint Joseph’s Church was severely damaged.”

Pope calls Lebanese bishops to Rome to discuss their country’s crisis


“Sadly, we note how Lebanon has largely disappeared from the attention of the world in recent months. Yet the suffering of its people continues.”

Provide for the Care and Medical Needs of 26 Frail and Elderly Religious Sisters in Lebanon


The continuing severe economic and political crisis in Lebanon is causing great suffering to its people. According to UN figures, over 55% of the Lebanese …

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