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Support Outreach to Children and Families in Lebanon

Support Pastoral and Social Outreach to Children and Families in Lebanon’s Poorest Villages


For the past three years now, Lebanon has been going through the worst crisis in its history. The economy has collapsed, inflation is at dizzying …

Lebanon: Catholic schools are in ‘survival mode’


“I am married, I have three kids. If I am only a teacher, nowadays, I cannot give them what they need. I need to juggle more jobs to provide for them. This takes time from me, so I cannot prepare my classes as much as I used to.”

This Christmas, solidarity with the Christians of Lebanon and Syria


“Our project partners sometimes feel despondent and tired, they think the world has forgotten them, but they retain a glimmer of hope, because they know we are with them, and that our benefactors are answering the call.”

The Immaculate Heart of Mary and the suffering people of Lebanon


In contemplating the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we find light, strength, courage and comfort in these exceptional times. Like us, she experienced great changes from her youth. With an open heart she accepted the upheavals in her life: contradictions, mystery, incomprehension. She was open to hearing the voice of the Spirit. She was adaptable and receptive, to give flesh to Jesus. Her heart and her eyes are directed towards Him.

Lebanon: ‘People in Tyre were always poor, but now they are below zero’


Then the Lebanese financial crisis hit, and the local currency began to crash. In a short time, the pound diminished in value around 20 times, but prices of most goods, including fuel, stayed the same, or even rose. Unable to afford fuel, Salim had to return his car and leave the taxi business.

Lebanon: ‘Catholic Schools are the right hand of the Church, but we desperately need your help’


“The Catholic school is the right hand of the Church and embodies its mission. We have our identity, mission, and vision. The atmosphere in our schools is imbued with Christian values. We are committed to the Church’s mission, and we witness our faith towards students, staff, and parents.”

Christian students in Lebanon: ‘We feel our country doesn’t want us’


Imagine a country where overnight your savings vanished, and your salary was worth 20 times less than the day before. Imagine your parents worked hard to get you through university, but now can’t afford the tuition.

Country in crisis, Christian school doubles down on its mission


But parents were aware of the crushing financial crisis that has sunk the country’s economy over the past few years. How could they not be? Many of them had found themselves unable to meet their obligations, including paying tuition.

Maronite Patriarch laments Lebanon’s political stalemate


“Lebanon is like a sick person who sees that he has gangrene on his hand and does nothing, and then gets a disease in his chest, in his arm, and refuses treatment.”

ACN will help 200 schools in Lebanon keep their doors open


“These institutions play a vital role in maintaining relations between Christians and Muslims in Lebanon that are an example of coexistence for the entire Middle East.”

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