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Christian students in Lebanon: ‘We feel our country doesn’t want us’


Imagine a country where overnight your savings vanished, and your salary was worth 20 times less than the day before. Imagine your parents worked hard to get you through university, but now can’t afford the tuition.

Country in crisis, Christian school doubles down on its mission


But parents were aware of the crushing financial crisis that has sunk the country’s economy over the past few years. How could they not be? Many of them had found themselves unable to meet their obligations, including paying tuition.

Maronite Patriarch laments Lebanon’s political stalemate


“Lebanon is like a sick person who sees that he has gangrene on his hand and does nothing, and then gets a disease in his chest, in his arm, and refuses treatment.”

ACN will help 200 schools in Lebanon keep their doors open


“These institutions play a vital role in maintaining relations between Christians and Muslims in Lebanon that are an example of coexistence for the entire Middle East.”

Bishop: ‘I lost hope in Lebanese politics, but I have hope in the people’


” it was terrible to hear what I heard and see what I saw: to see your capital, your country, your city, destroyed. None of my close friends remain in Lebanon, they all left after the blast.”

Lebanon: ‘the situation makes you want to cry, but we have hope’


But the port explosion was only the latest in a series of tragedies to hit Lebanon. Only a couple of years earlier, a financial crisis had sent the Lebanese pound tumbling, losing 20-fold its value in relation to the dollar. All of this was compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, of course.

Meet the world’s youngest bishop


“As Lebanese we speak Arabic, we are from a certain culture, and we have a special mission in our culture, and the Middle East needs us a lot. It needs our presence, our word of truth, our testimony of Jesus, our people.”

Food Packages for 500 Needy Families in Lebanon


The future of the Christian population is greatly threatened in Lebanon as it is throughout the Middle East – a population that has been here …

In Syria and Lebanon, ‘the sisters go to the dark places where others cannot’


“There is much abuse of all kinds targeting children and women. Divorce and suicide are increasing. … We heard of a woman who tried to throw herself from a bridge because she had no way to feed her children. People talked her down, but for how long? We need a solution.”

Christians look with hope and concern at Lebanon’s parliamentary elections


“The Church wants Lebanon to be truly independent and the Lebanese government to have full authority over all of Lebanon. We want equality and prosperity for all Lebanese regardless of their religion.

This Giving Tuesday, what will you give to keep our faith alive?

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