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On Iraq’s Nineveh Plains, hopes run high for papal visit


“There are many problems weighing on us. But when the Pope comes to visit us, he will give us new hope and confidence and some relief from this burden.”

Damaged roof of St. George Maronite Cathedral in Beirut

In Lebanon, ‘hope is our daily bread’


“Despite everything, we look towards the future with hope, because we know that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Master of history, and that in His hands lie all our history and life.”

Kiro Khalil

Egypt: ‘I feel pity for the perpetrators’ of church attack


“These people have blood on their hands. How can a person live with that burden of guilt?”

Archbishop Chahda

In Aleppo, Syria, a Mass in gratitude for ACN donors


“Your support makes the families stay in the country.”

Georgette and Charbel

In Lebanon, a daily struggle to feed three grandchildren


“The situation of the Christians in Lebanon is uncertain, but Jesus is always with us and nobody can throw us out from here.”

Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh

In Syria, the passing of a fighter for hope


“I was raised an orphan; the Church was my mother. Now all of us in Syria feel like orphans.”

Archbishop Warda

Pope’s visit to Iraq will offer local Church a lifeline


“The visit will not just be important for the Christians, but for all the minorities of Iraq, including the Yazidis with whom we have shared so much pain in these last years.”

Archbishop Semaan says Mass in Qaraqosh

Iraqi Church welcomes 2021 papal visit


“The Pope’s decision to visit is a sign of the Holy Spirit at work.”

Jad holds Nabil

In Lebanon, Nabil is a Christmas miracle baby


“For being close to Christ means shouldering his cross. My son has lived that reality since the 15th minute of his life.”


Christmas in sight, gifts are earmarked for children in Syria


25,000 warm anoraks are now being cut and stitched together in the dressmaking and tailoring workshops of local craftsmen and craftswomen in Aleppo.

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