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Iraqi prelate pleads before UN Security Council for international support for a democratic, tolerant Iraq, where all minorities can thrive


Iraq stands at a historic crossroads. The Christian and other minority communities of Iraq stand with – and often beside – Muslim protestors as together they seek a better life, based on equality regardless of religious belief.

After decades of persecution ‘things are getting better’ for Egypt’s Christians


“There is a mentality that since 1952 has treated Christians as second-class citizens. Now, some change has happened and things are getting better. Building Churches is easier than before. We don’t have to wait years to get permission to have a church built.”

For one young Maronite protester, hope for a better future for Lebanon


“Seeing people from different ages, different backgrounds, different religions and from all over Lebanon, all united together against this corrupt system—that’s all I needed to regain my hope in the Lebanon I dream of.”

Catholic priest is murdered in Syria—‘we continue to feel the presence of ISIS’


“So far we don’t know who killed him, although it appears that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. What we do know is that Father Hovsep was dressed in his priestly attire and was consequently identifiable as a priest.”

Help for the Formation of Four Seminarians in Egypt


The Society of African Missions (SMA Fathers) was founded in 1856. It was created to be a society of priests committed to serving and evangelizing …

Aid to the Church in Need begins repair of churches, church buildings in Iraq’s Christian homeland


ACN hopes that this new initiative will restore hope for Iraq’s remaining Christians—a battered and fragile mere 10 percent of the 1.5 million Christians living in the country prior to 2003, when the US invaded the country. The subsequent civil war saw the religiously motivated murder of at least 1,000 Christians.

Deadly protests in their country leave Iraqi Christians between hope and fear


“We appeal to the conscience of Iraqi officials to listen seriously to their people, who are complaining of the current miserable situation, the deterioration of services, and the spread of corruption.”

In northeastern Syria, Christians are ‘weakest link, because we want to live in peace and reject war’


“The only thing we know for certain is that the bombings and above all the massacres committed by Turks against our community are forcing more and more Christians to flee.”

Turkey’s invasion of northeastern Syria strikes a blow against Christians—exodus looms


With the Kurds now likely to engage Turkish forces in battle, Christians and other minorities are afraid they will be left without protection. This confrontation may trigger an exodus, further depleting the Christian population of Syria, which has already shrunk by 80% since the start of the country’s civil war in 2011.

Our Sunday Visitor: ACN Director of Outreach on impact on Christians of Turkey’s invasion of Syria


President Donald Trump’s order to withdraw U.S. troops from northeastern Syria effectively greenlit Turkey’s invasion of the region. With this shift in U.S. policy, Turkey has been given an opening to reshape its borders and begin to carry out a multi-faceted strategy. As the crisis unfolds, one thing is clear: Christians and other minorities are again in the eye of the storm.

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