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Mozambique: Christians fleeing terror “only bring what they can carry”

For now, the main concern has been finding shelter and support for the internally displaced. “They are fleeing villages that are reduced to ashes, and those whose villages might be next  are also running. The only thing they are sure of is the starting point… They are searching for a safe place; I don’t know where they will find it. Perhaps they will have to settle for the least unsafe.”

Mozambique: Insurgents target communities, churches

The insurgency in northern Mozambique began in 2017, but attacks have increased this year. In the last few days alone, there have been several raids on towns and villages, and people have been kidnapped and killed.

Sahel: ACN helps Christians displaced by terror

Given the destruction and enforced closure of ecclesiastical facilities, like parishes, schools, and hospitals, , the Church in the region is struggling to care for its people. But in many places, it is the only local institution coming to anyone’s aid.

Attacks in Nigeria’s Benue State: 500 victims in 2023

In Nigeria’s Benue State, more than 400 people were killed, and more than 100 others were wounded, raped, or kidnapped, in attacks on settlements and farming communities in 2023,

José Si Esono gave his life for the faith

he stopped seeing José Si Esono as a catechist who had taught them to pray, but instead as someone who “wanted to erase the beliefs their ancestors had passed down to them. "They accused him of witchcraft and burned him alive.

Nigeria: Fulanis kill nearly 200 Christians

"These unprovoked attacks were well-coordinated and deliberate, specifically targeting Christian communities. I can confirm that the victims are 100 percent Christian."
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