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Three seminarians are abducted in Nigeria, freed after two days


“The kidnapping of innocent young seminarians—once again—in Nigeria is an abominable act. We appeal to the conscience of their kidnappers and urge them to release these young people.”

Leah Sharibu

Nigeria: ‘We know that Leah is alive, and we pray for her release’


“Let’s keep our fingers crossed while holding on to God in faith for divine intervention. Leah and others will be freed one day. My prayer has always been: “Lord, please make it sooner than later!”  

Church decries ‘slow genocide’ of Christians in Nigeria


“They have an agenda, which is the Islamization of this country. And they are doing that by carefully eliminating all the Christians.”

Nigeria, in grip of Islamist violence and banditry, is ‘at war’


“They came out of nowhere one morning and murdered everyone in a matter of minutes.”

Nigeria: ‘Now we are living in blood inspired by the failed promises of yesterday’


“We are men and women of faith and our response to these tragedies as Christians must be to uphold the truth. “

In Nigeria, ACN helps victims of Boko Haram—the story of S.


“She saw spirits and people without heads. She was plagued by constant flashbacks, hallucinations and disturbing thoughts.”

Nigeria: Bishop seeks release of 75-year-old kidnapped priest


“Father Bello’s death is part of the senseless and endless losses that have engulfed our nation. We are all literally under the sword in Nigeria, a country that is being consumed by a barbaric horde of humanity.”

Leah Sharibu, a Christian girl kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria, turns 18


“We, along with the whole world, are waiting for you. We are waiting for this miracle of seeing you alive one day.”

Nigeria: ‘before our glory departs’


“Sadly, human life is hemorrhaging so badly in Nigeria, but the greatest tragedy is the death of empathy from those in power.”

Support Religious Sisters in Nigeria


The Apostolic Vicariate of Bomadi is in the south of Nigeria, in the Niger Delta region. Unlike in the North of the country, Islam does …

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