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Nigeria: ‘before our glory departs’


“Sadly, human life is hemorrhaging so badly in Nigeria, but the greatest tragedy is the death of empathy from those in power.”

The seed of Thomas the Apostle bears fruit: missionaries from India serve in Africa


“Thus begins the process of implanting the order of the Discalced Carmelites deep into Zambian soil.”

Mozambique: How many more deaths will it take before the world takes action?


“The terrorists seem to want to cause maximum damage and sow the greatest terror in their destructive frenzy. We wonder how many more deaths there must be before the world does something to stop this violence?”

In northern Mozambique, ‘they are shooting everywhere’


“When these attacks take place, the people flee into the mountains, and so it is difficult to communicate with them on account of the weak phone signal, plus batteries on their mobile phones have run out,”

Terror, COVID-19, cholera: northern Mozambique is bleeding from many wounds


“The Church in Mozambique is an anchor of hope and charity in a sea of suffering and violence.”

Support Religious Sisters in Nigeria


The Apostolic Vicariate of Bomadi is in the south of Nigeria, in the Niger Delta region. Unlike in the North of the country, Islam does …

Kenyan Christians cry for justice after arson targets churches


“I was left wondering why they had to do this because burning a church is same as invoking God’s wrath.”

In Mozambique, ‘an experience of the cross’


“I realized just how much, even in poverty, we can help, we can share.”

Bishop Dabire

Burkina Faso bishop: ‘The faithful are fleeing terrorism, but they are holding on to their faith’


“Even when the terrorists have threatened people, trying to force them to convert, they have not succeeded. The people have simply fled, bringing their faith with them.”

Leah Sharibu

Nigeria: ‘Break the wall of silence and cry out for Leah Sharibu’s release!’


“Why is the world standing by and watching as she remains in unjust captivity?”

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