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Support the Training and Medical Provision of Catechists in the Central African Republic


The Central African Republic remains in a permanent state of unrest. Ever since independence in 1960, the country has witnessed a succession of military coups, …

Help the Formation of Carmelite Novices in Cameroon and the Central African Republic


In 1971, the first four Carmelite Fathers left Italy for the Central African Republic. These courageous pioneers rolled up their sleeves and set off to …

Feast of the Infant Jesus of Prague at Bangui

In Central African Republic, a jubilee celebration marred by violence


The 58-year-old Italian Carmelite Father Aurelio Gazzera came out of his room to find himself suddenly face-to-face with two armed men.

Bishop Juan Aguirre (Fundacion Bangassou)

Central African Republic: Bishop asks prayers for peace


“How is one to show a face of loving tenderness in the midst of so much violence?”

Crux: ACNUSA Director of Outreach on ongoing conflict in Central African Republic


“The Church has been the key actor in supporting peace talks and will continue to be the principal agent in rebuilding CAR after there is peace.”

Help for the Formation of Carmelite Novices in Africa


By the age of five, Jean-Thierry Ebogo from Cameroon knew he wanted to be a priest. For him, the priesthood meant “being Jesus.” But in …

Cardinal says Central African Republic is on fragile road to peace


“Work for peace is carried out through encounters, but also by implementing joint projects that require groups to work together to achieve a mutual goal. This way, they learn to get along with one another again.”

30,000 Copies of the New Testament for the Central African Republic


At last, the new edition of the New Testament in Sango, the national language of the Central African Republic, is finished and ready for distribution! …

Help for the Formation of 39 Carmelite Friars in Central Africa


Last year, the Carmelite Fathers in the Central African Republic had good reason to celebrate. Young Brother Christo was taking his perpetual vows. His parents …

Bishop accuses Gulf States of seeking control of Central African Republic


“Thousands of mercenaries, most of them foreigners, have invaded the country from the north aided by the Gulf States and by Chad and with the complicity of other countries, such as Sudan and Niger. Their aim is to divide up the country and they are helping themselves like pitiless predators to the mineral wealth of the country.”

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