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Central African Republic: diocese comes back to life in wake of massacre


“We have lost everything, except our faith,” Bishop Yapaupa said. He added: “We can still look into the eyes of our enemy and offer him our sincere pardon, without giving way to a spirit of vengeance or fear.”

In Central African Republic, Church works to heal wounded nation


“Religion is no more than a pretext in this case. It is above all a political, economic and geo-strategic conflict.”

Attack on church in Central African Republic kills 24


“The grenade was thrown from behind the parish walls into the crowd of people at Mass. It exploded.”

This Holy Week, a letter from the heart of darkness in Africa


“Jesus is the Word that has come down from heaven, the seed which fell to earth with the outpouring of his blood and which sprang forth from the earth with new life—and this is the life that we carry within us as Christians.”

Cathedral in Central African Republic shelters Muslims in imminent danger


A Muslim man was caught by the anti-balakas, (the anti-Muslim rebel gangs) and murdered on the spot. This caused great alarm among the Muslims in the encampment.

In Central African Republic, ‘trying to disarm both heart and mind’


“We appeal to their conscience. We do not have any weapons. Our weapon is the Word of God. We are men of the Word of God. We go and knock on the gate to the hearts of these men and women. The people can either accept this or not. It is our job and duty to tell them: thou shalt not kill.”

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