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The Voice of the suffering in Asia

ACN calls on the world to remember Myanmar

The conflict, which pits government forces against armed resistance groups and ethnic militias, has become significantly worse over the past year, with fighting affecting almost the entire country. The current situation brings suffering to all sectors of society and poses a particular danger to vulnerable minority communities, including Christians.

Mob violence is a turning point for Pakistan Christians

“The voices of Muslim scholars have become very important, especially where the government and the armed forces find it difficult to intervene. One of the results of our dialogue is that, for the first time, many Muslim scholars stood with us."

Philippines: Terrorists strike during Mass

“I see this as a very tragic event, because just today, we were beginning the Marawi Week of Peace in the Diocese of Marawi. What was meant to be a week full of positive, peace-building moments has become a time of terror."

Christians call for prayers as new fighting breaks out in Myanmar

“We heard of strong attacks in several dioceses. Recent days have seen a significant escalation in violence and displacement, and we have received an increasing number of urgent requests for prayer.”

Pakistan: The West must demand justice for Jaranwala Christians

The international community's pressure is vital to prosecuting those responsible for the attacks. Pakistan relies on Western nations for trade and aid, so it will be open to their intervention.

Pakistan: ACN provides emergency relief for victims of Jaranwala riots

Miraculously, no Christians were killed in the attacks, but hundreds of families fled and were forced to stay with relatives or even out in the fields. They lost their livelihoods and all their possessions.
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