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Professor Mobeen

‘A first positive step’ for Christians in Pakistan


“Education once brought hatred to the people, now it must be the healer.”

Miara Shahbaz

Britain’s Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief receives Pakistan girl’s asylum petition


“In line with Britain’s generous policy of providing refuge and safety to those most vulnerable, I hope that Maira and her family will be afforded the opportunity of living in the safety that we would all expect for ourselves.”

Azroo Raja

Pakistani Catholic family fights against forced conversion of their daughter


“That same night the investigating officer told me that she had accepted Islam. I was shaken to the core.”   

Imran Masih

In Pakistan, Imran finally walks free after 11 years


“The question I must ask is who is responsible for his having to spend more than 11 years behind bars for a crime he never committed.”

l-r Ramesh Bashir, Naz Bano, Bashir Emmanuel

Pakistani Catholic family prays for canonization of martyred son


“He was ready to sacrifice his life if God gave him a chance to protect others.”

Sonia Bubi (ACN-Sajid Christopher

Pakistan: Christian woman murdered for refusing to convert and marry


“Sonia’s killing demonstrates the mortal danger girls and young women—especially those from Christian and other minority backgrounds—face in situations where they are under pressure to marry and abandon their faith.”

Arzoo at her FIrst Communion

Pakistan: Abducted Christian girl is safe


“There can be no compromise on cases involving underage marriage.”

Shafique Masih

Pakistani Catholic still lives in hiding after blasphemy acquittal two decades ago


“The blasphemy law is misused to target the innocent. If you stay silent, they start suspecting. If you try to answer their allegations, they twist your statements. It must end.”

Arzoo at her FIrst Communion

In Pakistan, another Christian girl is kidnapped


Annually up to 1,000 young Christian and Hindu girls aged between 12 and 25 are abducted by Muslim men, forcibly married and converted.

Retreats for Fifty-Five Priests in Pakistan


All Catholic priests face challenges, but in Pakistan, their work is particularly difficult. Frequently, they have vast areas to minister while living amid constant social …

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