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A Vehicle for Pastoral Work in Pakistan


Father Javed Khurshid, still relatively young, was ordained into the priesthood 12 years ago and works today in Pakistan’s Diocese of Multan. His parish, Saint …

After seven years on death row, Pakistani couple is acquitted of blasphemy charges


“I have to confess that after the justices had given their verdict I wept. There were times when I wondered if, after so long, justice would ever prevail in this case.”

Pakistan: senior imam backs Christian nurses in blasphemy crisis


“It is proof that God does work miracles. We experience them in our lives – those who are enemies can be reconciled.”

In Pakistan, Christian families face destruction of their homes


“We are being made homeless. Our law suppresses the weak in service of the powerful. Our dreams have been broken.”

Pakistani Catholics volunteer to protect churches against terrorist attacks


“Everybody is afraid of the terrorists. But we stand for the One who protects us all. Our faith tells us that God won’t let us down. Therefore, we perform our duties with complete passion and avoid negative thinking.”

In Pakistan, the road is paved with faith and glory


“Our parents have taught us to be silent when it comes to discourse of religion. Poor Christians cannot face mobs or expensive and lengthy court cases. Our police and lawyers are known for siding with the rich and minting money.”

Pakistan: ‘For his sake, end the misery’


“The situation of minorities in Pakistan is still not improving despite all the efforts.”

Professor Mobeen

‘A first positive step’ for Christians in Pakistan


“Education once brought hatred to the people, now it must be the healer.”

Miara Shahbaz

Britain’s Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief receives Pakistan girl’s asylum petition


“In line with Britain’s generous policy of providing refuge and safety to those most vulnerable, I hope that Maira and her family will be afforded the opportunity of living in the safety that we would all expect for ourselves.”

Azroo Raja

Pakistani Catholic family fights against forced conversion of their daughter


“That same night the investigating officer told me that she had accepted Islam. I was shaken to the core.”   

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