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Pakistan High Court upholds Asia Bibi acquittal—many Christians still held on blasphemy charges


He highlighted the suffering experienced by so many people accused of blasphemy, irrespective of the outcome of their cases. The priest said: “The blasphemy law destroys the lives of those who have been accused, even if they avoid being executed.”

For a Catholic single mother in Pakistan, life is very difficult


“After my husband’s death, life became harder, more laborious. It was very difficult to raise our children without his support, so I decided to get out of the house and found work as a maid. Being a woman, I face many hurdles and challenges while on the job; it is hard to provide necessities for the family.”

For a Catholic family in Pakistan, poverty is a bitter reality


“Because of the good people God sent to us, I am able to participate in a pre-medical program at a college. I face religious discrimination there, as the school is Muslim, but I know that God is with me. … It is my deep desire to become a doctor and help the poor, so no one dies like my father did.”

In Pakistan, ‘Christians are a community of the very poor, living in conditions of semi-slavery’


“Our people have a very simple but very strong faith. Despite the problems of access to education and the lack of opportunities, the people are faithful to the Gospel, and our churches are full. Some 90 percent of Catholic Christians attend Mass every Sunday, and many also go to Mass during the week.”

Asia Bibi’s family thanks God for her acquittal from death sentence


“May our Lord bless and protect Asia and her family and keep all our Christian brothers and sisters safe here in Pakistan.”

Asia Bibi: acquittal of blasphemy charge could be close, says family


“[The judgment] may come tomorrow. It may come after two or three days but I am sure it will be favorable.”

In Pakistan, a Muslim confronts great risks in becoming Christian


THIS IS THE STORY of Kainut, a brave 20-year-old girl who grew up a Muslim, with a Christian mother and a Muslim father, but she …

A Christian processino in Faisalabad, Pakistan

Pakistan Christian is thrown off roof for refusing to embrace Islam


“In Pakistan, it is difficult to receive justice if you are a member of a religious minority. Many members of minority groups are not even aware that they have the same rights as Muslims.”

In Pakistan, Catholic teenager prays for peace, security


“We are considered the lowest ranking members of society, people with whom Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink. School text books paint a terrible picture of Christians, too.”

Archbishop asks for prayers after attack on Christians in Pakistan


“When we see these atrocities happening one after another, we very much depend on the spiritual communion that we have with friends and benefactors of Aid to the Church in Need. When we are tempted to lose hope, we are reminded that, through your compassion and prayers, you are with us, by our side.”

This Giving Tuesday, what will you give to keep our faith alive in Pakistan?

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