Support the Life and Apostolate of 70 Religious Sisters in Kazakhstan

With an area of over 225,000 square miles, the Archdiocese of Mary Most Holy, based in the Kazakh capital Astana (now recently renamed Nursultan) is larger geographically than the whole of Spain. In this vast country, Catholics make up only a tiny minority and, given the large distances, pastoral care is very difficult. There are …

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Motors for Boats Used in Pastoral Ministry on the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are located in the south Pacific, close to 450 miles east of New Guinea and some 1,600 miles northeast of Australia. Almost all of the population of 130,000 people is Christian today, though most belong to various Protestant communities, with Catholics making up only 13% or so. The Catholic Diocese of Gizo …

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A Car for “Pakistan’s Vatican”