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A Vehicle for Pastoral Work in Pakistan


Father Javed Khurshid, still relatively young, was ordained into the priesthood 12 years ago and works today in Pakistan’s Diocese of Multan. His parish, Saint …

Islamist terror targeting Christians is on the rise in Indonesia


“They see Christians as one of their enemies. They see Christians as thogut, an Arabic term for those who disobey God’s regulations. “

After seven years on death row, Pakistani couple is acquitted of blasphemy charges


“I have to confess that after the justices had given their verdict I wept. There were times when I wondered if, after so long, justice would ever prevail in this case.”

The pandemic in India: ‘we must fight together if we want to survive,’ says archbishop


“Political power, economic security, physical health: all of this is ephemeral and will not last. What matters most is charity, fraternity, and compassion—values as they were lived by Holy Mother Teresa of Calcutta.”

In India, Church is overwhelmed by COVID-19


“Often we had to turn away patients as we could admit only 125 at a time. Yet they kept calling and coming. I have never seen human suffering like this.”

Cardinal Bo

In Myanmar, grief and shock after army attacks a Catholic church


“Let us remember the blood that is spilled is not some enemy’s blood. Those who died and those who were wounded are citizens of this country.”

Help Build a Church in Northeast India


The mission station of the Piarist Fathers in northeast India is surrounded by jungle villages, where mostly disadvantaged ethnic minorities live. Few are able to …

‘Miracle’ in Indonesia—sacristan prevents suicide bombers from entering cathedral


“I did not know what had hit me. I just felt something was burning. It was very hot. And blood poured out of my wounds. Yet, I still could stand. My heart said: ‘God, please help me. I am burning.’”

Mass Stipends for Poor Priests in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian republic that shares a frontier with China to the southeast. In 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan …

Provide for the Care and Medical Needs of 26 Frail and Elderly Religious Sisters in Lebanon


The continuing severe economic and political crisis in Lebanon is causing great suffering to its people. According to UN figures, over 55% of the Lebanese …

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