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Success Story: Mass Stipends for Sixteen Priests of the Solomon Islands


The Solomon Islands are a group of over 900 islands in the South Pacific, roughly 450 miles to the east of New Guinea and 1,300 …

Imran Masih

In Pakistan, Imran finally walks free after 11 years


“The question I must ask is who is responsible for his having to spend more than 11 years behind bars for a crime he never committed.”

l-r Ramesh Bashir, Naz Bano, Bashir Emmanuel

Pakistani Catholic family prays for canonization of martyred son


“He was ready to sacrifice his life if God gave him a chance to protect others.”

Sonia Bubi (ACN-Sajid Christopher

Pakistan: Christian woman murdered for refusing to convert and marry


“Sonia’s killing demonstrates the mortal danger girls and young women—especially those from Christian and other minority backgrounds—face in situations where they are under pressure to marry and abandon their faith.”

Fund the Work of Franciscan Sisters in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is a country with just 18 million people, even though it covers an area of more than one million square miles, or more than …

Support the Work of the Catholic Church’s Family Commission in Georgia


For the Catholic Church in Georgia, the current pastoral year is a special one: it has been consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima, who appeared …

A Chapel for a New Parish in India


The town of Bettiah is in the state of Bihar in eastern India. Bihar borders Nepal to the north and is ranked as the third …

Eternal flame at holocaust memorial, Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia feels forgotten, betrayed by international community


“The Armenian people have always come back again from the midst of indescribable calamities, and they have done so in peace, without vengeance or bitterness.”

Arzoo at her FIrst Communion

Pakistan: Abducted Christian girl is safe


“There can be no compromise on cases involving underage marriage.”

Cross that was removed from Madanpur

India: Church leaders urge government to protect Christians against attacks triggered by anti-conversion campaign


“The number of atrocities targeting Christians in this state is rising alarmingly.”

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