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Christians are cast aside in Bangladesh


“In the marketplace and in restaurants, separate plates, glasses and cups are reserved for ethnic indigenous peoples; Muslims and Hindus won’t use the same utensils as we do.”

Bangladeshi Catholic couple prays for justice for martyred son


SUKHRANJAN HALDER, 75 AND ANNA HALDER, 70, ARE A BANGLADESHI CATHOLIC COUPLE, who have been suffering financial, physical and mental anguish since they lost their …

In Bangladesh, Christian family struggles to save its property


DAVID PAMTHET, 17, AN ETHNIC KHASI PRESBYTERIAN, lives with his mother Welentina Pamthet, 42 and two sisters in Ichhachhara Khasi in northeastern Bangladesh. There are …

A Church and Community Center for a Parish in Bangladesh


The Catholic faithful in the Parish of Nayanagar are delighted with their new church and parish center – thanks to the generous help of our …

In Bangladesh, Church stands up for ethnic minorities


The Catholic Church in Bangladesh is speaking up for the rights of the country’s ethnic minorities, bemoaning the fact that ethnic and religious minorities are not explicitly mentioned in the nation’s constitution.

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