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Daughters of the Resurrectioon

Crux: ACN helps sisters in Democratic Republic of the Congo fight poverty Amid Pandemic


The continued presence of the religious sisters in the area, even at the risk of their own lives constitutes “the very definition of agape, self-giving love.”

Aleteia: ACN Director of Outreach on status of Christians in Iraq


Numbering about 1 million in the days before the first Gulf War, the [Christian] community has since been decimated by war, economic turmoil and jihadism.

Crux: ACN Outreach Director on conflict in Central African Republic


“The Church has been the key actor in supporting peace talks and will continue to be the principal agent in rebuilding CAR after there is peace.”

CRUX: ACN Outreach Director on Church in Ethiopia and Eritrea


“In Eritrea, the totalitarian government has gone after Christian institutions and lately those of the Roman Catholic Church to lessen the impact that the Church has on Eritrean society.”

Crux: ACN Director of Outreach Edward Clancy on Mozambique’s need for healing


YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon – Mozambique is still recovering from the effects of two cyclones that hit …

CNA: ACN Director of Outreach remembers Coptic martyrs killed by ISIS


FOUR YEARS after the so-called Islamic State released a propaganda video showing the beheading of …

Christians on the Nineveh Plains will celebrate first Christmas post-ISIS

NC Register: on Nineveh Plains, ACN Helps with first post-ISIS Christmas


QARAQOSH, Iraq — In their villages on the Nineveh Plains, Iraq’s Christians are celebrating their …

Evangelization in Kenya depends on ACN support

Crux: ACN helps Church in Kenya in work of evangelization


LODWAR/KALOPIRIA, KENYA – When you’re a reporter covering the Catholic Church, you end up going …

Crux: ACN helps Syrian Christians stay out of refugee camps


Seeing the fear refugee Syrian Christians have of life in the refugee camps, the local …

Crux: In Lebanon, ACN assures safety of Syrian Christians


Although a bloody conflict in Syria is still smoldering after six long years, bringing it …

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